Advice on Crossword Puzzles For Kids

It has proven long time ago that solving crossword puzzles are good for the mind. In fact, this is the best mental exercise that any peopleregardless of age, status in life, gender, or nationalitycan use to keep the mind in functioning properly.

Contrary to common belief that only older people play crossword puzzles, there is an emerging population of kids who are getting hooked into the game. These kidsusually influenced by parents or grandparentsare starting to love the game because they feel that they are more mature knowing that they can do stuff that are associated with older people.


Just like in adults, solving crossword puzzles is a great intellectual stimulator for the kids. This is because at such an early age, kids are able to stretch their minds in looking for words with just mere clues on them. Aside from being a good mental exercise, the following are other benefits of solving crossword puzzles among kids:

1. It incorporates fun and learning. Playing is very important for kids. This is because it gives them to freedom to decide and also helps them to express their emotions as well as themselves. This is why it is very important for parents to choose games that are not only fun but can also aid to their learning as well. One good game to accomplish this is by introducing them to crossword puzzles. Here, children will have fun by just merely solving the words through clues and with every puzzle that is solved, you can ensure that they will learn a new word or two.

2. It instills the good spelling practice in kids. If children are exposed to as many words possible while solving crossword puzzles, there is a greater chance for them to develop good spelling skills as they grow older. Experts say the constant exposure to different words gives the kids familiarization with these and will easily spell it correctly.

3. It encourages kids to read. Since crossword puzzles is all about solving words with one common letter on them, kids will try to get into reading so they will learn new words. For some kids, solving crossword puzzles is a challenge so to be better equipped, they take it amongst themselves to read without realizing that they are also getting hooked on reading. The best reference materials for kids who love solving crossword puzzles would be kids almanacs, dictionaries and other easy to read stuff inside the house.

4. It strengthens the child’s vocabulary. Many child development experts agree that kids who have early and constant exposure to solving crossword puzzles have better vocabulary than those who don’t. why? this is because the constant exposure to words makes them more familiar with these and their usage as well through the clues given. Experts also agree that solving crossword puzzles are also considered as one of the best tools in strengthening word power of the child aside from his or her vocabulary knowledge.

5. It improves the child’s reasoning abilities. Since it encourages the mind to think, kids who solve crossword puzzles at an early age also develop better reasoning skills than those who don’t. This is because through the clues, the child is encouraged to think which are the words or letters that would fit the boxes. He or she will then try to reason out why this word is more appropriate than the other one.