Advice on Crossword Puzzles For Children

Crossword puzzles are not only for fun, they can also be used to test our knowledge. Using this as a tool to engage kids in academics is considered to be an effective way.
Educators find these kinds of exercises and puzzles are great way to engage children in participating in class activities.

There are times when children who are attending home school request a lot of breaks. To minimize these breaks, there could puzzles like this. Children would not notice that these are still part of the regular class, they would think that this is an intermission period for rest

Crossword puzzles and other word puzzles can develop the children’s way of thinking and their behaviour. These puzzles can also improve the children’s reading, comprehension, logic and their vocabulary. To answer puzzle questions, children may have to research or look for answers in books, internet, dictionary, atlas and other medium of instruction.

Spelling is also among the grey subjects where a child can improve on while using crosswords are exercises. With regular classes, children are given a list of words they need to be familiar with. With crossword puzzles, children get to remember the words without exerting too much efforts memorizing. Why did they remember? Because they did not merely memorized it, they learned it through looking for its meanings in different ways.

Another good thing about crossword puzzles is that they always provide challenge. Children develop a sense of wanting to find all the answers and completing something academically related. When kids finish the crossword, they experience a sense of achievement and would be encouraged to learn more.

Different parts of language and grammar can be included in word puzzles like crosswords. What are these?

Vowels and consonant sounds
Singular and plural
Vocabulary-nouns, verbs, adjectives
Homonyms and homophones

For younger children, you can include phonics to introduce the relationship between letters and sounds. Puzzles for older children, you can introduce synonyms, antonyms and other types of words. You can also create crossword puzzles to test the level of the comprehension. There could be stories and puzzles can be created out of it.

Make sure that the puzzles are age-appropriate. Also, do not forget to make them the puzzles creative and imaginative. This would make answering crossword puzzles both fun and educational.

The main benefit of letting children answer puzzles is that their imagination, creativity and sometimes even self-respect develop. Patience is also something they learn from puzzles. Children who answer puzzles become familiar with overcoming challenges and having enough patience to do so.

Crossword puzzles can also be a family affair. The whole family can have fun solving them and making the bond among the family members stronger. There are crossword dictionaries that could be purchased which can help in figuring our tricky crossword puzzles.

Technology has made everything easier nowadays. You can make custom crossword puzzles in your home so that you can engage your children with them and make it a daily habit, if possible. You can search for a program over the internet and download it to make your own puzzle. Free downloads are just a click away, while some software for crossword making may cost some serious bucks.