Advice on Choosing Your Retirement Community

There are retirement communities where the elderly can live comfortably. With so many retirement communities claiming to be better than other facilities, how can you make sure that you have made the correct decision?

There are different things that you should know before moving or purchasing a home or anything in retirement communities.

Know your needs. Knowing what you actually need in your life, and daily schedule like meals, medicine intake and other things. Other services offered in retirement communities would be bathing and taking care of the financial status of the elderly.

Choose a retirement community closest to your own lifestyle. If you are physically fit and adventurous, having a retirement community that would address this will keep the elderly involved with activities.

Consider your finance. Retiring in a retirement community is not cheap. There are fees to pay upon entering the community. The amount that you would have to pay of course relies on the size and location of the retirement home chosen to be purchased.

The average price range for entering a retirement community would be around $20,000 to $200,000. Monthly fees would be around $2,000. The monthly fees change sometimes since there may be extra charges for medical services provided.

Do not simply choose the least expensive retirement community. The facilities offered and your health and welfare is more important to poring too much over the fees. There are options, you can find a good community with reasonable fees.

When choosing your retirement community, it is important to check referrals. Some retirement communities may appear great in brochures and websites, but the best testimony and referrals can come from friends and family members.

When browsing the internet for some retirement communities, there are websites that have first-hand reviews and testimonials. There are also websites that rate the retirement communities.

There are a lot of retirement communities, it would be best to visit several places before making the decision. When visiting a retirement community, get the “feel” of the place. You can start some conversations with some residents to get any feedbacks about the community.

There are retirement communities who have policies about pets. Most of the times, it is concerned with the size. It is important to ask policies about this. Also, do not be shy on asking about having guests. If you will have children and grandchildren visiting, it would be great if they could stay with you.

When choosing a retirement community, check if the community that you want to get into has affiliations with assisted living and nursing facility. There are Continuing Care Retirement Communities, where you can stay for your lifetime. You can consider staying in this kind of community since this would be more comfortable for the elderly.

A simple question and answer will help you know and decide if this is the retirement community you would like to retire to. Here are some questions:

1. Do the grounds, lobbies, offices and common areas appear well maintained and attractive?

2. What activities does the community offer? Does the list include activities of interest to you?

3. Are residents out and about, using the community’s facilities and interacting with each other and with the staff?

4. Do residents appear happy, friendly, and outgoing?

5. Is the community near, or affiliated with, a medical center?

6. Does the community provide easy access to shopping, cultural, and recreational activities?

7. Are the amenities that are most important to you (e.g., fitness center, dining room, crafts studio, computers, library) available on site?

8. Does the community offer transportation services?

9. Most important of all, does the retirement community feel like home to you?