Advice on Buying a Cockatiel

Buying a Cockatiel

A cockatiel can be an amazing pet for you and your family to have. They have unique attitudes and personalities that you will learn to love and cherish. Picking out the right cockatiel can be difficult if you are unsure of what to look for in a bird. Here are some guidelines in order to pick the most compatible and healthy cockatiel possible.

There are many places that sell cockatiels, so finding a pet store or breeder should be rather easy. If this is your first bird, then be rather skeptical of pet stores. Make sure that their animals are being taken care of properly and that the bird cages are full of clean water, food, and they have a clean cage. If the water is contaminated with waste, then it is best to move onto another store. Waste contamination in water can cause various illnesses and diseases in birds, so always check for that. Another option is buying a cockatiel directly from a local breeder. Local breeders typically supply the pet stores that are privately owned, so ask for any information they may have on breeders in your area. Breeders usually take good care of their birds and supply them with a good diet as soon as they are weened, so finding a healthy bird should be easy.

Cockatiels can range in pricing from as low as $75-$179. It also depends on the time of year and demand for birds, so it may vary slightly. Buying a bird for the cheapest price does not mean your bird has any health problems or behavior problems. It can simply mean that the breeder has a surplus and is trying to liquidate them. The most common price for a cockatiel is $100. Rare mutations, such as the lack of an orange patch on their cheek or color combinations, can also raise the price.

Whenever you find that special bird, ask to hold and play with the bird. This will allow you to see how familiar it is with people and hands. If the bird is hesitant to come out of the cage or even bites the worker, then make sure you understand the bird will need trained. However, some birds love the attention from people and will hop onto your finger with no problems. It all depends on the care it received whenever it was baby and the personality of the bird.

Finding the best cockatiel for you should not be that difficult. Just follow these few guidelines and you will be singing with your cockatiel in no time.