Advice on 2009 Trends In Outdoor Furniture

The year 2009 is the time where trend in outdoor furniture is shifting from the mere purpose of relaxation to decoration. People tend to focus more on the aesthetics value. Stylish, creative and carefree designs are in high demand. Tempered glass tops and aluminum frames are just few of the changes happening in outdoor furniture designs. There is also modification in the materials being used as some old materials were hard to maintain especially with extreme weather conditions.

Timber, wicker and aluminum are still immensely used but there are innovative changes for a durable and maintenance-free furnishing. Aside from style, the latest trend in outdoor furniture also brings in a spirit of entertaining and sophisticated outdoor living. Colors are either vibrant or simple but the lines are more defined in tune with the lifestyle preferences.

1. Wicker

A combination of real wicker and a resin material was developed as armor against unpredictable weather conditions. Stylish and comfortable design was launched by Derwent collection, made from durable wicker and rust resistant aluminum. Wicker is known for its extra caring requirement to last for years. A design using a combined material with wicker is an excellent step to upgrade outdoor furniture.

2. Teak

Teak is a hard durable yellowish brown wood of a tall tropical Asian timber tree related the vervains. It is originally used on boats and is easy to maintain with its natural silver gray finish. Its timeless look and durability is one great factor that makes it a good investment.

Another popular design today is the gorgeous and stunning combination of timber and aluminum frame. Warmth and striking contrast of these two materials will make your outdoor living space very modern and warm.

3. Acrylic fabrics

Acrylic fabrics are very in demand today. This is probably because this type of material is easy to maintain in outdoors. Acrylic fabrics doesn’t rot or fade and dries quickly.

4. Aluminum

This material is not just visually appealing but is also easy to move and maintain. Cast and casual aluminum are very common in outdoor furniture designs today. The casual aluminum is hollower tan cast aluminum but both are lightweight and rustproof.

5. Wrought Iron

Gone are the days when you worry so much about wrought iron exposed in heat and other elements outdoors. Aluminum outdoor furniture nowadays doesn’t require frequent repainting. A wide range of colorful cushions are also available to spice up your favorite wrought iron outdoor seating.

6. Lamp

Widely used indoors to create a cozy setting and provide light, lamp is your new wonderful addition to outdoor furniture. Lamp shade comes in waterproof and washable a material which makes it hassle-free to expose to sunlight and rain.

Another popular option for outdoor furniture today is the use of comfortable, weather-resistant fabrics. Your family will surely love innovative and stylish designs like convertible swing and daybed with weather-resistant cushion seat and pillows. Decorative gazebo now also comes with durable galvanized steel and heavy duty polyester cover. Basking in the sun is fun with their do-it-yourself assembly.

An outdoor shower made of hardwood with chromed brass fittings is also a great addition to your outdoor collections. The shower is easy and convenient to use, all you need to do is connect the garden hose to it. This outdoor accessory is perfect in swimming pools.