Advertising Online With A Small Budget? Small Business Make It Count

Advertising online is the first thing marketers think of when their business is prepared to launch. Building a website that places their product or service on display for the world to see is a lot easier than getting the world to actually want to see it.

To get the world to take notice requires a certain level of advertising innovation and most marketers dont have it and subsequently do it wrong.

The perfect online advertising campaign should be focused on investing as little as possible, while getting as much as possible in return. The professionals understand this. Amateur marketers usually dont grasp this until they have sunk thousands of dollars into campaigns that only generate a few dollars if they are lucky. Thats called going into the red but let review. OK, Alright, you know what a banner ad is and you think you know what you want it to say. That is a start, but it is only a start. There are other more pressing things to consider. The banner ad is a very important piece of the advertising puzzle but where you place it makes all the difference in the world. In the brick and mortar world of real estate, businesses seek out buildings for their operations based on where it is located. Businessmen and businesswomen often attribute success to location, location, location.

The same reasoning must be applied to online marketing banners. Where you place it is as important as what the banner actually says.

Now, in the brick and mortar world hot locations are very expensive to acquire. This is simply because the owner knows that it is a hot property and sets his/her prices accordingly. Super hot online properties are no different. The laws of supply and demand drive their prices upward to the point that small businesses just cant afford to compete for those spots. So, if you have attempted to get noticed online with a budget of less than 100 dollars, you undoubtedly have found that you are out of luck.

The way to overcome unfriendly advertising pricing structures is to be innovative in your ad placements. Look for websites that are just beginning and scoop up the ad spaces as if it were a hot stock ready to blast off.

The idea behind this is that mega sites have to begin somewhere and the next multi million hit website may very well be an option for your ad now, before it goes insane. Whats good about this is that these sites are just getting started and their rates are greatly reduced for those advertisers that are brainy enough to begin advertising before the site gets hot and the prices start rising. Some of the websites that know they will grow to be huge will actually let advertisers who get in early lock in the low rates they start off with. This means that an ad space that can potentially see 1 million impressions per month can be locked in for rates commonly seen on non popular sites. Online advertisers gain ad spaces for 10 bucks per month while others are paying thousands of dollars per month to be in the same place. Unless you stop your ad at some point, you get the benefit of a much more expensive marketing campaign for a lot less money.

As I said before, supply and demand drives the price of advertising up very quickly. You have to find the websites that are destined to take off and get in BEFORE they go big. Many small advertisers wait around and end up competing with the big boys once the property goes hot. Stop doing that. You cant afford it.

15,000 bucks per month verses 10 bucks per month is a big difference.

My advice to advertisers is simple. Stop following the herd when it comes to advertising online.

Open your mind to what the internet has to offer not what your competitors have limited themselves to. One such hot property is TypoBounty dot com. This site is changing the way advertising online is done and offering more benefits for advertisers. Advertising sites like this appear to have all of the necessary draws to go big relatively quickly.

When advertising, always look for the road less traveled and follow the trail before it becomes a super highway. This way you get all of the benefit of the travel before it becomes a high priced toll road congested with competitors.