Advertising Online On A Cheese Burger Budget

I don’t intend to make this article a long one. It really doesn’t take long to express to you the reason why advertising doesn’t have to be the money drain that it has always been.
OK, lets get to work. Look. If you are a small player in the advertising game, you need to use your money wisely.

Face the fact that you can’t compete on the financial level of the larger organizations in the advertising game. Trying to do so will result in frustration and loss of good money that could be put to better use at this stage of the game.
I guess you may be wondering what I mean by small player and large player. Well let me see if I can add a little clarity. If you must watch your advertising budget closely to avoid cutting into your household budget, you are a small player when it comes to advertising. If the thought of spending 500 bucks to put your banner on a website, for a week or two, you are a small player.

There is nothing wrong with being a small player. The problem comes when due to pride and for lack of better terms “ignorance”, a small player refuses to recognize his/her status as it relates to competing with larger, better-funded competitors.

Larger players are able to spend thousands and millions of dollars per month to be in the hottest spots on the Internet.
Advertising is basically a gamble and a numbers game. You never know what will pay off and what will be counted as a loss. Much like those individuals that go to Las Vegas and loose more money than they can afford. It is plain lunacy to take a budget that is better geared for keeping the lights on at one’s home and sitting at the big boys advertising table.

Loosing 500 dollars 100 times per month is nothing to a major corporation. They won’t feel it. However, when your budget is small, taking a 500 dollar hit once, can devastate not only the present financial situation of the small business, but such a loss can ripple through the organization for months, as the owner tries to recoup financially.

Listen, only sit at the big boys table, when, and only when, you can afford it. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and succeed a lot faster than if you ignore this suggestion.

Some think that it is best to play it all on a roll of the dice. I disagree. The internet is a great tool but it has proven to be a very cruel mistress when its power is misused or misunderstood. For every success that occurred due to a single roll of the dice mentality, there are thousands that lost their shirts. Calm down and think before you leap.

I know that you want to succeed and you will if you humbly conquer the small battles before risking your hard earned cash in advertising arenas where you are at a disadvantage. Hone your skills at advertising on websites that look to give you more in order to attract you, not those websites that treat your small dollar as a nuisance, not to be tolerated.
One website that I have found presents an amazing advertising opportunity and so much more to small budget websites, is TypoBounty dot com. These guys provide an avenue for small players to advertise and perfect their website for less money than you spend buying a burger.

As a small advertiser, you owe it to yourself to get the benefits that this site brings to what you are trying to accomplish with your website. Don’t take my word for it, read all about what TypoBounty dot com offers to small budget websites and see why they can help you reach your goals faster.

Remember, your goal should not be to pay for advertising. It should be to get your website noticed for as little money as possible. That is the attitude that will allow you to grow large enough to one day sit at the big boys table and look them squarely in the eye.