Advantages Of Waterproof Labels That Makes It Popular To Among Manufacturers

A product is easily identified with its label. So, labels are important for the product identification and their sustainability. Like other product labels waterproof label is exceptional to identify goods that may be exposed to the outdoor elements. These labels are very popular who look for high durability or just simple waterproofing, like in labeling chemicals, medical and laboratory supplies, and even shower products.

Waterproof labels are used in a variety of products. It will stay on in the microwave, the dishwasher, even the swimming pool. Rounded corners to prevent peeling, they adhere to any hard, smooth, clean surface. Many industries use waterproof labels. Replacement window contractors, fence installation companies, vinyl siding companies, automobile dealerships, marinas, equipment rental facilities all use Waterproof Labels.

Vinyl and polyester are two materials used for making custom waterproof labels. Inkjet vinyl waterproof labels are more popular among manufacturers. Vinyl labels have a matte finish that assists to reduce the glare.

Waterproof label has various advantages. Here we give you some idea why choose waterproof label.

1. Waterproof label is strong and durable, even in extended exposure to sun, heat, cold and wind. It withstands extreme temperatures (from -100°F – 270°F, -56°C – 104°C)

2. Water and chemical resistant for harsh environments and resists tearing, puncturing and weathering.

3. It can be sewn or glued without losing strength.

4. FDA direct food contact approved. Resists fading for long-lasting colors.

5. Resists rot and mildew, perfect for outdoor use.

6. Reasonably priced and easy to print.

7. Use Waterproof Labels for marking hand and power tools for identification purposes.

8. Waterproof labels have a shiny, glossy finish.

9. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Waterproof label is a long-lasting product’s tagging label and you should keep in mind that some products always require waterproof tag. So, you have to use this label on those products. And also depending on your product quality you can use such kind of label to save merchandising cost.