Advantages of Honda’s Intelligent Multi-Information Display

The introduction of Honda’s 2013 models brought Honda’s Intelligent Multi-Information display (i-MID) to Honda drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. This new interface allows drivers to personalize their display, while receiving driving-related information and entertainment, taking vehicle interfaces to a new level. Read on to find out about the different options i-MID features.
Unlike most user interfaces in the marketplace, the i-MID is made of a high resolution color TFT LCD display, comparable to LCD monitors and some of the newest smartphones. The display gives drivers a crystal clear picture and color. The interface is completely customizable and allows you to upload your digital pictures to be stored on or used as the background of your display, making the high resolution a real bonus. The i-MID can be completely controlled through a series of buttons surrounding the steering wheel, meaning your hands never need to leave the wheel to control it. And automatic functions such as the power window and locks can be adjusted from the interface.

Driving-related information
While the i-MID may be customizable, it still offers standard features found in most other interfaces on the marketplace. If you opt for Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System, the i-MID works with the system to give you turn by turn directions. The system is voice activated and has the ability to identify 750 standard voice commands. The FM traffic feature signals to the system to help you avoid traffic jams, congestion and road closures. However if you decide against the navigation system, the i-MID will still show you your trip range and estimate your fuel usage. The i-MID connects to a multi-angle rearview camera to help you glide in and out of tight spaces without ever straining to see.

The i-MID not only helps relay driving information to you, it helps you avoid distraction by including a Bluetooth integration system. The interface connects with your phone to make phone calls and even reads incoming text messages to you. In addition it plays songs from your phones music folder and streams Pandora stations. A USB interface allows you to charge your phone, and if you don’t have a smartphone, it will play music from a USB drive. If you happen to forget the name of the song you’re listening to, the i-MID will announce it for you.

With all the features of the new i-MID, Honda makes it very easy for drivers and their passengers to enjoy a smooth ride to their destination. They decreased the distractions for drivers and increased the things they are able to do in their vehicle from the sound of their voice or the touch on their steering wheel. And while you may be out traveling on the road, when your i-MID displays your photos, it’s like you’re never really far from home.