Advantages of Exercise.

Advantages of Exercise.

For maintenance of perfect health, exercise is no less important than diet. The reason why our ancestors were healthier and stronger than we are is that they led comparatively much more strenuous lives. Today’s mechanization has set man against any sort of exertion.
Here we give a short account of the salutary effects of exercise on various organs and systems of the body.

( 1 ) Heart and circulatory system:
Regular exercise makes the heart muscles stronger and more efficient. The heart-beats of an athlete do not increase appreciably even when doing something requiring physical exertion, and revert very soon to the normal rate afterwards. In contrast, even a little exertion sends the pulse rate of a sedentary individual rocketing up, and it takes time for the heart to settle down to its normal rate of beating.

The blood vessels dilate during exercise, and so more blood reaches the muscles. It has been found that during vigorous or rapid exercise, the blood circulation in certain muscles and organs increases 25 to 30 times, thus supplying the muscles and organs with more oxygen and a larger number of red blood corpuscles.

( 2) The respiratory system:
Breathing becomes not only more rapid, but also deeper, thus making increased quantities of oxygen available.

( 3) The digestive system:
The secretion of the digestive juices is stimulated by exercise. Thus digestion becomes more efficient. Exercises also stimulate the intestinal movements (peristalsis), resulting in more effective elimination of wastes.

( 4) The musculature:
Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, promotes their development and increases their efficiency. Stronger muscles lend better support to the joints.

( 5) The skin:
The pores of the skin open up during exercise. The result is a healthier skin, because of more efficient disposal of impurities and dirt.

(6) Temperature of the body:
The temperature of the body rises during exercise. This promotes the burning up of the toxic substances in the body.
In short, all the systems of the body derive invaluable benefits from exercise. Each one of us should set aside a minimum period of 30 to 40 minutes every day in the morning for exercise.