Advantages of Caribbean Cruises

Cruising The Caribbean Has Its Advantages

Seeing the Caribbean is a dream come true for many. Images of the region have been idealized by so many artists, writers and travel shows, it almost seems to “call” to would-be visitors – especially those in northern climates during the wintertime.

Wanting to visit the Caribbean and actually getting there are two different things. There are so many islands to choose from and so much to see and do, it’s hard to decide what’s the best way to make the most of a long weekend, a full week or longer.

The options of getting to these islands include direct flights and, of course, sailing. Big cruise ships are chosen by many a Caribbean traveler for a number of reasons, but the advantages over actually flying in are many. The perks to cruising versus planning a stay on your own include:

* Seeing it from a different perspective. Half the beauty of the Caribbean lies in the water itself. Those who choose to enter the region via cruise ship can see more of the ocean and its many wonders along the way. There’s nothing quite like looking out on open waters in the evening with the stars dancing on the waves to help put a person in the island frame of mind.
* All-inclusive trips. Since cruises tend to package everything, or almost everything, into a single package with a set price, visitors don’t have to worry about going over budget. They’ll have a better idea of what things will cost and can plan accordingly so money is kept in reserve for mementoes and side excursions. With everything from travel, lodging, entertainment and around-the-clock food included in the cruise price, guests can be assured to feel pampered.
* Multiple ports of call. Since many cruises make stops on multiple islands, visitors generally can take a little more in going this route. Island hopping for those who fly in might be cost prohibitive.
* Planned side trips. Cruise lines try to make the best of the islands they visit available to passengers. While side trips might not be included in the main price, they will be made available. The curies lines know which sights and activities are the best and they can really help passengers have the time of their lives both on and off the ship.
* Ideal for families. Since cruise lines offer a variety of options for families, those cruising the Caribbean with little ones can still enjoy some alone time both on and off the ship thanks to specialized programs for the little ones and even onboard babysitting services.

With stories of the Caribbean making its allure so strong, many strive to visit this region. Cruising is the way to go for many because it takes the worry of planning off vacationers and frees them up to simply enjoy and take it all in.