Advantages of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from an Authorized Dealer

Authorized dealers sell not only new vehicles, but they also offer certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles of their particular brand. Certified pre-owned vehicles naturally come with certain quality benefits, and if they are bought from an authorized dealer, a few additional benefits can be availed. Below are the advantages of buying a CPO from an authorized dealer, which cannot be expected from private parties.

Manufacturer Certified-Vehicles
The very advantage of buying a used car from an authorized dealer is that you will get the vehicle certified by the manufacturer. The certification of a pre-owned vehicle is given high prominence, as the vehicles are certified by the manufacturer only after considering various factors such as:

Vehicles that are less than 6 years old and the ones which have 80,000 miles are certified.

Vehicles are passed through various inspections.

Vehicles are inspected for valid registration, outstanding finances, minimum safety requirements, emission standards, tax receipts, compliance with numerous legislations such as Sale of Goods Act, etc.

Dealers inspect for the condition of the vehicles. They check transmission, suspension, drivetrain, steering, engine, wheels, brakes, tires and exteriors and interiors of the car.

With all the above mentioned inspections, you will be well informed about the background of the vehicle. You are also most likely to get good vehicle.

Wide Range of Products
Authorized dealerships are the one-stop shopping solutions for buying any vehicle. Unlike the only option given by private seller, authorized dealers maintain showrooms in which various models are on display. You can even customize the selected model by adding extra features such as powerful music system, parking sensors, etc. Moreover, manufacturers have an interlinked system that connects all their authorized dealers across the country, hence any model that is on sale will be displayed on the brand manufacturers website, giving you a wide options to choose from.

Financing Options On-Site
Vehicle loans at better interest rates, along with additional facilities like vehicle insurance, will be provided by the dealer. The dealer himself does business with selected financing companies and hence can arrange everything needed for you to get credit. He smoothly handles all the paper work and works hard to get instant approval for your loan.

Manufacturer’s Warranty + Dealer’s Extended Warranty
Certified pre-owned vehicles come with dual benefits Рperks given by the manufacturer while selling a new vehicle and benefits offered by the dealer. They provide the original warranty of the vehicle as well as dealer’s extended warranty or service contract, which cannot be expected from a private seller. Some dealers even claim to buy back the vehicle if the customer is not satisfied.

Post-Sale Support and Service
The after sale support and services provided by the dealerships make you a happy owner of the vehicle. Reputed dealerships offer free services for at least 3 times and provide 24/7 roadside assistance. The expert technicians at dealerships take care of after-sale services such as repairs, engine breakdowns, vehicle oil changes, multi-point vehicle inspections, etc., to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pre-owned certified vehicles are affordable alternatives for the new vehicles. Though buying used vehicles from unorganized third parties is much cheaper, you may be burdened with unexpected legalities and high repairing costs. Hence, consider buying a vehicle backed by the manufacturer certifications and dealer benefits that make your investment worthy.