Advantages of Blogging for Businesses

The following are some of the advantages of business blogging –

Low cost
Creating and maintaining a blog costs less when compared to other marketing methods. With the help of the blogs, businesses can give information about their products and services and promote them with less cost, as blogs have potential to provide high value at low costs.

Quick and Easy
Creation of a good-looking corporate blog with moderate features barely takes few minutes. Businesses are not required to spend much of their valuable time or effort in designing. Blogs with WYSIWYG options are quicker and easier to create. Often, any employee of the organization, with minimum knowledge can create and maintain a blog easily.

Wider Reach
Blogs are easily accessible to everyone online. They have a massive number of visitors everyday. According to emarketer by March 2008, in 2007 there are 94.1 million blog readers in the US. It constitutes 50% of total Internet users in the US. Corporate blogging creates an opportunity for businesses to introduce themselves easily to a wider audience of all ages, gender, economic backgrounds irrespective of their nationality 365 days a year.

Communication medium
Blogs are excellent medium for businesses to communicate with their customers. Many businesses are successfully using their blogs to endorse their products and services and to inform about their new projects, latest updates, and much more.

Online Marketing
Blogs can be used as a potential tool for businesses to bring traffic to their respective websites. Well-maintained blogs are search engine friendly. Thus, it is feasible and widely acceptable for the businesses to use blogs as an online marketing tool for their online sales.

Rapport building
In general blogging is considered as an informal way of communication. This attribute of the blogs helps businesses to communicate with their customers or employees unreservedly than any other medium. Customers can also leave their comments in the blogs about their experiences. This enables the businesses to build an enduring relationship with their customers.

Building credibility
Credibility is one of the important factors for success of business. Businesses posting relevant and useful information in their blog can put across their competence and expertise in the industry. Thus, it helps them build or enhance their credibility among their stake holders to a certain extent.

Corporate blogging provides opportunities for the organizations to enhance their business through directly communicating not only with the customers but also with the employees and other stakeholders. This will augment the reliability and reputation of the company in the business.