Adoption- The Process

The adoption process can be complicated and a bit confusing, nevertheless with some thought and organization, you can definitely master it and it’s totally worth every ounce of time you spend.

The procedures you will follow greatly depend on the kind of adoption you choose. If you decide to adopt a baby from the USA, you can work with the foster care system, use a private attorney to make an independent adoption or work with a licensed adoption agency.

Adoption From Foster Care System- A few individuals adopt by first becoming foster parents. This way they have the opportunity to spend time with the child before making the decision to adopt and there might be a greater likelihood of adopting a baby. Most states demand that foster parents undergo a rigorous training program. Once you have a foster child to care for, the child�s social worker will keep you apprised of his/her availability for adoption and, if the child becomes available and you desire to adopt, the social worker will help you in filing documents and getting through the court proceedings for a legal adoption.

Independent Adoption- If you prefer to adopt independently, you will need to contact an adoption attorney. This attorney will help you find a potential adoption situation. That work may include putting ads in local newspapers or using the internet. The attorney will help you meet prospective mothers, discuss an arrangement for adoption and payment and then represent you in a court proceeding to make the adoption legal. People who would like to adopt children at birth often choose this approach.

Agencies- Your first decision will be to select which agency you will work with. Then, a social worker will establish whether or not you are qualified to adopt and your chances to adopt the kind of child you want. You will then complete a home study and, during that process, you will create a package of information about your family. Once the home study is complete and the agency has recommended you for adoption, they will look for a child that’s ideal for you. Once both you and the agency settle on a child, they will help you file all of the appropriate documents. This approach works well for those who would like to have the security of professional assistance in a licensed setting.

International Adoption- International adoption begins with selection of an agency that provides an overseas program. You’ll pick a country that meets your needs and for which you qualify, then you will go through the home study process. Once you are certified for adoption, your information will be sent to the host country and a child will be assigned to you. Once you agree to take the child, you will either travel to that country to adopt the child or you can pay an escort service to bring the child to the US. Those who don’t have a good chance of adopting in the US (older people, gay couples, single people) and people who want to avoid the complications of the US legal system usually choose international adoption.

The time it takes to adopt varies by the kind of adoption, your specific circumstances and the state of regulations and intercountry relationships.

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