Adopting a New Creed to Turn Your Life Around.

Copyright 2006 Emmanuel Segui

How many times in your life have you signed your name to an agreement that bound you to do something?

Even though you put great value on your personal freedom, and you would be wary of agreeing to do anything that would jeopardize it, you have committed yourself to certain things where a penalty was involved if you did not do them.

Even when you opened your bank account, and applied for your insurance, you agreed to be bound by certain specific conditions. Probably right now much of your use of money, and your personal and vocational life, is influenced by such agreements. You signed your name to such binding agreements because it was the only way you could have or do what you considered necessary in your life

Sign your life away!

These are all agreements you have made with other people. But what about yourself?

Have you ever made an agreement with yourself, to do something for yourself? This is the most important kind of an agreement you can make, and I propose that you make one right now. This agreement involves not parts of your life, but rather your whole life, and I believe that you are ready for it.

You are ready now to understand a new creed of living. And you are ready to accept and adopt this creed.

This is the creed of “do,” the positive creed of action, performance, production and accomplishment. It is the opposite of the creed of “do not,” the negative creed of rejection, procrastination, fear and failure.

This positive creed says “do, rather than do not”; “do, rather than talk about it”; “do, rather than wish”; “do, rather than wait.”

Are you willing to embrace this creed? I am sure that it wouldn’t take more than a little self-influence for you to do so. And I am sure that you are willing to say that your attitude toward it is that it is a good creed, and a right creed, for you.

But like any creed, this one says a lot in a few words, so I want you to consider the “fine print” that is in back of those words before you go all the way and say it is your creed.

Furthermore, I am sure you will agree with me when I say the acceptance of the creed should make a “noteworthy” impression on your subconscious mind. You will start out with a good attitude, of course, but the objective agreed upon should be to make this creed a good habit. So let’s consider what is implied in the “fine print.”

You will be a person who has veered away from the normal track and from living the typical, ultra-conventional life.

You will be a person who is always on the productive, progressive track, and that is abnormal!

This “do” creed, then, means that you will live abnormally, or above the normal. You will travel only on the positive side of the road of life. You will live immoderately, by going “all the way.” Knowing the true significance of this creed, are you now willing to ally yourself with it?

You have not the slightest reason to be hesitant about your decision. This is the creed of a person who has established his own importance to himself. But there is still another vital reason for its being your creed. The creed of “do” is made up of the kind of stuff that makes subconscious self-influence clear and certain. You will have the highest score of “noteworthy” impressions on your subconscious by acting according to the creed. The creed will make your subconscious the kind of a partner you want it to be.

Are you adopting the creed? You are, so say “yes”!

Say it aloud, so that conscious will of yours blinks a bit from the reverberations and so that your affirmation is recorded on that subconscious camera as the brightest impression ever!

This is the turning point.