Adding Tomatoes to a Garden

Not every fruit or vegetable thrives in many climates, but the tomato is one that does great under varying conditions. Whether you’re looking to plant a field or just a small bed of fresh vegetables, tomatoes tend to do as well in the south as they do up north.

Before planting tomatoes (or other vegetables and plants for that matter) plan out your garden. This means making sure you have the right space to grow the plants you’d like, checking out available sunlight and so on. You’ll also want to make sure the ground has been properly prepared and you understand the plant’s growing season for your particular climate.

For tomatoes you’ll need a growing spot that gets about six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. Do pick your patch and stake it out in advance. Don’t forget the tomato vines will need some reinforcing rods or cages made of wire to foster their growth and help protect them from predators of the furry kind. Remember, the growing seasons will vary depending on region and the variety of plant chosen

Before putting tomatoes in the ground, make sure the soil is properly prepared. Turn it and remove all weeds and loose rocks. These will cause problems for you down the road, so it’s best to rid yourself of them in advance. Also, make sure your soil is hearty enough to foster tomato growth. If it’s not, consider fertilizer or other additives such as compost to boost growth potential.

With the ground all prepared, it’s time to pick the kind of tomatoes you’d like to grow. The options are many and the sizes really can vary. The Beef tomato is considered one of the biggest while a tiny cherry tomato plant grows well in small spaces. Some growing strategy might change based on the type of tomato plant in question, but in general, if you prepare the ground, water as necessary and plant in season, you should be okay.

If you plant your tomatoes correctly according to variety directions, you should find yourself with some delectable additions for a salad or even the creation of a thick, hearty sauce later in the season. Do check the growing times for tomatoes in your region and plant accordingly.

Tomatoes are fairly easy vegetables to get started and if young plants are used to get the garden going, most people don’t have any trouble. Just keep an eye out for pests and other problems and enjoy!