Adding an MP3 Player to Your Car

Car MP3 Players Give Drivers Choice

When it comes to the ultimate audio systems for cars, few systems will over look the addition of a CD/MP3 player. These combination devices read both regular audio CDs and can decode more complex compressed digital files from an MP3.

The sound quality of an MP3 is considered higher than old fashion cassettes by a long shot and even better than CD. What’s more, MP3s are quite a bit more versatile than CDs. They can travel from portable players to computers and cars.

But what is an MP3? An MP3 is basically a compressed digital audio file that enables the storage of a large amount music on a single CD. In fact, the MP3 format generally allows the storage of about 10 hours of music on a single CD-R or CD-RW disc.

The MP3 format is taking the musical world by storm and enabling music lovers a greater amount of choice in creating their own CDs than they’d ever had before. Download sites are available to allow MP3 lovers to create their own musical line-ups. The sites allow users to download MP3 files of their favorite songs onto their computers or portable player machines. These files can then be burned onto a CD for use in a car and so on.

The cost for creating a musical library of favorite songs is cheaper than buying a whole album for a single loved song, too. Sites that legally sell MP3 downloads charge typically under a dollar for a single song.

The advantage here is the fact that MP3 lovers can create their own “albums,” so to say. They don’t have to endure songs they don’t like to get to the ones they do. Also, by providing up to 10 hours of continuous play, the driver of a car doesn’t have to constantly change out CDs or fiddle with buttons to get to the one or two songs on an album that really appeal.

Be careful though if buying an MP3 player for a car. There are lots of sites out there that offer “free” downloads of music. Some of these offers are technically illegal since the record labels, writers, producers and most importantly the artists that make the music don’t get a cut of the proceeds. Steer clear.

MP3 players are fast becoming one of the most sought after choices for musical storage. By giving drivers the freedom to create their own, high-quality mix, the freedom they offer simply can’t be beat.