Adding a view to your sun room

Landscaping Can Make A Sunroom A Room With A View
The idea behind most sunrooms is to create a place where nature can be soaked up and enjoyed without having to deal with its minor inconveniences – bugs, rain, piercing rays of sun. By providing a place where indoors and outdoors can merge, if only in an illusion, sunrooms have some benefits over other types of porches when it comes to offering users a room with a view.

With this in mind, a sunroom without a great view isn’t really serving the entire purpose it can. For those who don’t have a beautiful, natural view at their disposal, there are some simple measures that can be taken to turn a sunroom’s view into that of a paradise – at least on the small scale.

Creating a small garden can really add to the eye appeal of a sunroom. The design doesn’t have to be that elaborate either and the effect can be carried from a flowerbed outside the room into plants within it.

If you’re not the world’s best gardener, choose plants for outdoors landscaping near the room that are not only eye catching, but also easy to care for. Be certain to get advice from a nursery pro here as to what grows well in your area. Flowering shrubs, annuals and the such are good choices that will not only add foliage, but also splashes of color during their in seasons.

If a particular flowering color or color pattern is chosen, it can be carried into the room with cuttings of the plants, flowers in bowls or vases and even in the colorings within the room. With the right touch, the glass of the sunroom can look like an invisible barrier between the garden paradise outside and the indoor protection of the room.

In addition to adding a small, easy to manage garden, a homeowner can also add a functional fountain or small koi pond. These are beautiful to behold and aren’t terribly difficult to care for. Just remember to feed the fish!

Another idea is to turn the backyard into a butterfly and bird sanctuary. Choose plants that attract both. If hummingbirds are sought after, go with red flowering plants and specialized bird feeders.

Creating a beautiful getaway doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will require a little planning. Have fun, pick plants you can actually care for and it won’t take long to turn your sunroom into a room with a view.