Add the Stability Ball to Your Weight Loss Routine

I am always looking to add different exercise routines to my weight loss program. I have found that changing my routine every four to six weeks keeps my weight loss program fresh and new.

Studies have shown that without a change to your exercise routine your muscles will stop growing. This occurs because they, your muscles that is, acclimate to what you have exposed them to, in this case the same routine.

Many experts agree that a change in your routine about every six weeks is ideal for muscle growth. One of the items that really has added a different perspective to my workout routines is the use of a stability ball.

A stability ball is a large ball usually 55 to 65 centimeters in diameter that you use to perform all kinds of exercises on. The stability ball gives you the opportunities to not only perform your normal exercise routines that you can on a bench, but use your stabilizer muscles that just do not get worked on a flat bench.

It is these muscles that provide you with balance. So by working these muscles you can improve that area on your body as well.

Beyond that the stability ball is very versatile. You can use it to workout with dumbbells by laying on it (both on your back or stomach) or by sitting on it. It also is very useful for doing various abdominal exercises. You can sit on the ball and raise your knees toward your chest. This is an advance movement, and one that takes some time to learn, but definitely a really good one. You can also lay on the floor and prop the ball underneath your knees and do a crunch. This helps keeping your legs raised so you can focus in on the ab region.

With the stability ball you can also use it to perform a variety of stretches and yoga movements. Because the ball moves (as do most round objects), you can maneuver it in such a way to meet the needs of your program.

If you belong to a gym chances are they have one or many of these. If they do not you should really ask them to add it to their product line. If you have a home gym you should definitely add it.

When you go to purchase one make sure you read the label and get the right size. Each size is developed to accommodate the weight of a person that will be using it. If you get one to small you might break it and if you get one too large it will be unusable.

Just remember, as always, before you start any exercise routine with any type of equipment, make sure you consult with your doctor first to get their approval.