Add Power To Your Used Car With ECU Remapping

Buying a new car isn’t a decision to be taken lightly and even if you can’t afford a new vehicle and are looking at used models there are still certain aspects you need to check out before parting with your hard-earned money. Look past the shiny exterior and flashy accessories and go armed with a checklist of questions -does it run well, what is the fuel consumption like, and is the engine working to its maximum performance, and if you are not confident in buying a car then you should take it to your local mechanic and get them to give it the once over.

Performance is more important than looks, particularly with cars as you can always spruce it up later on with a new paint job and some customised wheels if you wish. Always test drive a car before buying as this will give you the feel of it and you can check out if it’s comfortable and easy to drive. Make sure you switch the engine on whilst it is cold to highlight any starting issues, also look out for excessive exhaust smoke and unusual noises like rattles that can’t be identified.

Think about what you want from your car – is it just a local run-around, for transporting the family, or for business involving long distance travel on a regular basis? Confirm the average value of the type of car under consideration taking into account its age and wear and tear, check out the vehicle’s service records which should be well maintained and have all the details of any past work, also the legality and ownership history. If you still want to buy it after checking all the details then ask your mechanic to perform a pre-purchase assessment and consider an opinion from him before you buy.

Once you have bought your used car then look into ECU remapping as it can enhance the overall performance of the engine. Diesel tuning controls the amount of fuel, timing and other variables that the engine needs in order to operate, and gives the vehicle more power along with a smoother drive and better fuel consumption.

It’s important to find highly experienced and professional remapping programmers who have the appropriate experience to provide a full custom engine remapping service for your vehicle. This will guarantee that you end up with an engine tuned to your precise requirements. Any company that offers a generic sevice should be avoided as they might end up causing a lot of problems that will cost you a lot of money to put right.

An affordable option, remapping means the settings in your ECU are carefully adjusted allowing you to safely get the most out of your vehicle. First of all the service takes a test drive and sometimes also do specific diagnostic tests to establish if there are any signs of pre-exisiting defects or potential issues. If the tests are fine then they will go ahead with the remapping.

The technicians then plug into the OBD connector, generally situated in the drivers area, to obtain a copy of the car’s original configuration which is backed up and stored safely in the event you should want the engine put back to its original state.

The next step in the process is to adjust the ECU file by remapping the original file following the specification requested, fuel economy, power or a combination of both. The re-mapped file is uploaded into your vehicle with the whole process taking around an hour or two which is dependant on the type of vehicle you have and the remap you chose.

Your used car will feel just like a new car once you’ve had ECU remapping, and your driving trips will improve greatly. With mobile services reaching right across the UK, they offer convenience, affordability and lots of benefits to gain.