Add One Of Nature’s Precious Wonders To Your Jewelry Collection

Gemstones, nature’s most precious wonders, are truly an owner’s pride. From kings and nobles to the ultramodern people of today, everyone has shown fascination for their sheer beauty and radiance. Gemstone jewelry has always been in fashion and comes in a spectacular array of colors and designs to suit all tastes and needs. The truly majestic diamond or the elegant emerald is sure to capture your heart. Diamonds have always been dear to every woman with most wanting diamond wedding rings to celebrate the union. Gemstones such as garnet, jade, jasper, coral, pearl, serpentine, amethyst, rock crystal, amber, lapis lazuli, emerald and turquoise were extensively used for making jewelry in ancient times. While gemstones can be both natural and human-made, natural gemstones that are rare and priceless are the first choice of connoisseurs. Earlier, owning gemstones was a privilege of the wealthy only and were looked upon as status symbols. Gemstones are also revered and used for their extraordinary healing powers. Due to their therapeutic properties, gemstones were widely used in talismans in ancient times. Apart from their mystical properties, they are mainly worn and admired for their aesthetic value and beauty today. Natural gems found in the earth are rare and the process of extracting gems is also very difficult. This makes them very expensive. Gemstones are also assigned to different months and are called birthstones, which are said to be carriers of good luck and well being. For instance, the birthstone for September is deep blue sapphire while those born in December can use sky blue turquoise or blue topaz. You may also choose a particular gemstone on the basis of your favorite colors. Red – Pink Ruby, Spinel Orange – Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Opal, Garnets, Beryl Green Emerald, Tourmaline, Peridot, Garnet (Tsavorite, Demantoid) Blue – Violet Sapphire, Spinel, Topaz, Tanzanite, Iolite, Amethyst Classic pearls, known for their timeless elegance, have always been a hot favorite among women of all ages. Natural pearls are far more expensive than cultured pearls and sold by carat weight. Some of the most popular varieties include Akoya Pearls, Freshwater pearls, Mahe pearls, South Sea pearls, and Tahitian black pearls. Among these, the Tahitian black pearl with its rich sheen is extremely popular among brides. Gemstone jewelry can be purchased from jewelry stores as well as online retailers. Ideally, opt for a store that offers you a certificate for the jewelry you are purchasing. Natural gemstone jewelry can also be passed on as heirloom, as they continue to look as good as new owing to their luster. However, you must ensure that you take good care of your gemstone jewelry and clean them after each use.