ADD – Information on Herbal Remedies and Natural Treatment

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a disorder which is related to minimally brain damaged. Now days it has been diagnosed with increased frequency. Its main features are hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Usually children and adults get affected by this problem. If anyone shows this type of symptoms than, he or she must contact to a qualified mental health professional. Usually ADD is a behavioral condition which is characterized by a span of poor attention and also it is accompanied by hyperactivity. In US approximately 4-6% of the population is affected by the problem of ADD. Children who are suffering from ADD suffers from behavioral difficulties in their school. Adult also suffers from frequent problems like memory and concentration. Children and adult also faces attention problems, mood disorders, motor problems, alienation and also the problem of addiction.

There are some of the major symptoms which are mainly related with the children. Though, an adult also faces with the same symptom suffering from ADD.

1. Inattentive in doing work which they are asked to do.
2. Habit of excess talking.
3. Habit of interrupting others.
4. Difficulty in playing quietly.
5. Misplacing and losing their belongings.
6. Doing careless mistakes while doing schoolwork.
7. Not attentive or facing difficulties in doing task.
8. Squirming and fidgeting in seat.
9. Inefficiency in organizing tasks and activities.

Many children suffering from ADD does not respond to drugs as the drugs are full of side effects and they are not in a position to tolerate these drugs. Various therapies with supplements of diet are fruitful in the treatment of ADD. These therapies are occupational therapy, vision therapy and the treatment of allergies. Visual therapy improves the visual skill of a person and allows them to concentrate and pay attention without doing any careless errors. Occupational therapy enhances the dysfunction of the lower level senses which is related to alertness, touch, position and also the body movement. By occupational therapy the person suffering from ADD starts to pay more attention in hearing as well as in vision.

Change in diet, routines and checklists and also the natural supplements contribute towards the natural remedy of ADD. Refined sugar and the products containing it should be avoided. Restrict the use of junk foods, and all the foods that contain flavorings, artificial colors, yeasts or preservatives should be avoided. Routines and checklist are also very important for the children. Once they complete the checklist they must be rewarded for doing good job. In this way they may prevent the breakdowns.