Acupuncture Treatment for Migraines

Acupuncture is known as a traditional Chinese medicine. Migraines are often a result of reduced energy and or blood flow causing pain to one or both sides of the head. The reduced blood flow to the brain causes tension and lack of oxygen to the brain. Many migraines start as tension headaches, and grow stronger until they are full-blown migraines.

Acupuncture treats migraines by relieving the tension. This is done by maximizing the blood flow to the brain and giving the brain the oxygen needed. During a 15 to 30 minute acupuncture treatment the brain senses normalization of blood flow, and as seen in numerous treatments the blood vessels will constrict back to their normal size, ending the migraine headache.

Basically acupuncture approaches migraines by reducing vasodilatation, which is where the blood vessels from the brain widen due to the relaxation of the smooth muscles within the vessels wall; since there is now more room for blood your blood pressure drops. The reduction of the vasodilatation gives the brain more blood, which is what the brain needs.

The Chinese believe rather than feeding the brain drugs to help with the pain due to the lack of blood, why not give the brain the blood it needs? Not only does it save you from putting chemicals into your body, but it helps solve the problem and gives the migraine patient the relief from the body’s own constriction of blood vessels.

This approach prevents migraine sufferers from having to deal with the side effects of prescribed medications and reduces chances of reoccurrences of migraines. It is said that 6 to 12 treatments will often result in years free of migraines.

Migraine Care

Trying natural remedies for migraines can often be helpful and much cheaper than buying medication over the counter or going to the doctor for medication. Trying stress relievers before taking medication may help you to find something that is helpful and better for your body.

Taking hot or cold showers with a direct water flow to the area of pain can help relax the muscle tension and relieve you of the migraine often. If the sound of the running water or the pressure of the water flow is too intense, soaking in a luke warm or hot bath with Epsom salt can be helpful. Also try lying down with a wet cloth across your forehead in a dark and quiet room can be very helpful and rid you of your migraine.

Sometimes eating something with starch or sugar can help. Low blood sugar can sometimes trigger a migraine even if you feel that you are not hungry. Try these common solutions before trying over the counter medication or going to the doctor. You may be surprised at how easy it is to rid yourself of the pain naturally.

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