Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking. Two simple words that are very difficult to follow through on. Undergoing acupuncture to quit smoking is a new tack being tried by many.

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

The use of laser acupuncture to quit smoking is becoming very popular. Most smokers have heard of it and view it as a possible means to try someday in their ongoing quest to quit. There are a couple of problems with the laser acupuncture clinics. One is that they do not always work as well as one would hope. This is because the operators are sometimes merely using a technique that they do not fully understand to treat a very complex condition. The type of acupuncture that is going to give you a real good chance of quitting is good, old fashioned acupuncture using the principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The quick fix type clinics would prefer the use of lasers because of many peoples innate dislike of being stuck with needles. It is one thing to report that the insertion of acupuncture needles is seldom even felt and it is another thing to convince people. This leads to the first important point in understanding acupuncture to quit smoking treatments. The people who come to the acupuncturist are very, very committed to quitting. They would not be preparing to go through such a thorough process and endure the treatments if they were not highly motivated to quit.

The important thing to understand is that the actual treatment will vary from patient to patient. Each treatment is designed to fit the needs and history of the individual. There is no cookie cutter treatment available. The normal treatment program would consist of at least four sessions. The first session would be devoted to a complete examination based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This would involve the taking of much background information on the history, environment, and emotional state of the patient. It would also involve a physical examination. In addition to elements of a physical exam that we would recognize, TCM type examinations would be made. These would include examining the tongue and facial makeup of the subject.

The remaining three sessions would be devoted to the actual acupuncture treatments. You can not really have a discussion on the proper acupuncture to quit smoking body points that are used. Likewise, the laser acupuncture treatments talk of “points commonly used in acupuncture treatments.” The problem with this is that every patients system would require a bit of tweaking in a different manner.

The patients become non-smokers from the first session on. The subsequent treatments are geared to help reduce withdrawal and address the core smoking issues. They also calm and relax the patient and increase his overall sense of well being. As in many types of acupuncture treatment, other things will be used from time to time. These might include different herbal substances or body exercises. This is all part of the complete person and individual approaches of the practitioner.