Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is, of course, not a health problem but a glorious thing. Acupuncture for pregnancy is available and effective throughout the entire process.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly a condition that has been with us since the very beginning of time. Some people might wonder how the human race ever managed to survive in the days before the modern hospital delivery room. It must certainly be true that from the very earliest times, people sought ways to help the process of pregnancy and the ultimate delivery of the child to a successful conclusion. The very survival of the species would depend on it. It is no surprise that the acupuncture for pregnancy is a fairly comprehensive subject.

Acupuncture for pregnancy includes treatments designed to assist the process through every step from fertilization to postnatal care. It would be suspected that Chinese women in the golden age of acupuncture in China would have first contacted an acupuncturist when she first desired pregnancy. Treatments would have been given mixed with herbs that had been carefully selected to increase fertility.

When the pregnancy was confirmed, the next group of acupuncture treatments would have been directed toward the relief of early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. The treatments would also be directed toward building up the strength and overall health of the mother. Before long, some of the treatments would be directed at improving the development of the fetus. Another consideration would have been weight gain. It would be supposed that regular visits, treatments, and examinations would have been given in much the same way that regular check up are given to pregnant women in today’s Western Medicine culture.

The range of acupuncture treatments available for pregnancy would continue into the area of labor. In some cases, labor might have to be induced. There are certain treatments that were known to help prevent breech births as well as treatments to cut down on post partum bleeding and to help promote healing. The entire range of complications was covered in the knowledge of the Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, but also there was a full range of treatments designed for the normal delivery and the healthy mother and baby.

The acupuncture for pregnancy treatments are not something from a history book. The same treatments that were available 1000 years ago are still there to help insure a healthy pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery. Yet, these wonderful treatments have been supplemented with a great increase in Medical knowledge and scientific study in the West. It is when East and West join hands and merge the best of their knowledge and understanding that the patient benefits most. There is no area where this merging of treatment and knowledge is more essential than in the are of birth. Our survival still depends upon it.