Acupuncture – Anxiety – Insomnia

Anxiety and insomnia are two silent killers. There existence points to an imbalance in the mind and body as well as resulting in massive stress. Acupuncture treats anxiety and insomnia by going to the root of the problem.

Acupuncture – Anxiety – Insomnia

Insomnia may be one of the most common afflictions in the United States. Estimates run as high as 60% of the population suffering from it in at various times. In many cases, there is a very close connection between insomnia and anxiety. There is some confusion when the two conditions coexist as to their causal relationship. It is must likely the case that the two feed off of each other in a back and forth manner. Anxiety leads to insomnia, and the lack of proper rest heightens anxiety.

Many Doctors in the United States are almost reluctantly beginning to do clinical studies into the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of anxiety insomnia. One of the reasons for this is that just about the only treatment form available to them is chemicals that we know under the general term, “sleeping pills.” These chemicals are noted for their detrimental side effects and their potential for abuse. It is a typical approach of Western Medicine to a little understood condition.

The Western Medical Profession cannot easily accept the Traditional Chinese Medicine explanation of acupuncture’s success rate. The theory that a form of vital energy known as qi flows through 20 channels or Meridians inside the body cannot be demonstrated during a dissection. Since they cannot see these channels, or isolate the substance, the classical theories are seen as similar to trying to explain the location and function of the human soul. It is seen as something that belongs in the spiritual realm and not the scientific arena.

Even when reviewing acupuncture anxiety insomnia clinical studies done in China and sometimes even those done in Europe, the common criticism is the failure to monitor the various physical and chemical reactions that are thought in the West to be related to the disorder. Since the acupuncture practitioner usually has no problem explaining or understanding the actual process behind the treatment, they do not usually take the time to measure factors that in their view have little or nothing to do with what is happening.

What they do measure is results. It is in the areas of pain management and stress and anxiety relief that acupuncture has won over the most converts in the West. The people who are being restored to a much healthier condition and being relieved of the harmful impact of anxiety would rarely care just exactly how something works. They did not really get too involved in just what chemical reaction took place when they took a sleeping pill either. They were just happy to get a good night sleep.