Activate Psychic Self Defense – Strengthen Your Aura

There comes certain circumstance in life when a person may feel sad or depressed without any reason behind it. Being in company of a few people can make the other person feel uncomfortable or uneasy. These people may not do it deliberately, but they do leave a person with a feeling of loosing something important. If this is the case with you, then probably you are experiencing an attack on your psychic well-being or aura from the outside forces. These intangible forces are termed as ‘negatives’. They consume the human energy of an individual and deplete our inner self in a way that we are unable to realize or comprehend it before it’s too late. These are hazardous to the welfare of a person as it influences and guides our behavior, moods, thoughts and emotions. This is why; there is a need to practice some countermeasures to fight with these negative influences.

Nowadays, there is a wide array of practices for self-defense against psychic attack. A few of them even aids in refining the psychological perceptions and processes by regular exercises that help in the development of spiritual energy. Not only this, one can even attempt to create an electromagnetic field or aura around him or herself. The aura confines in itself different shapes, colors, sizes that changes vigorously with time as the environment around a person changes. Aspects such as psychological assault, everyday stress, others intentions towards threats, jealousy, noise, hatred, induced fear and us can deplete the aura and thereby minimize it. There are also practices that make an aura visible to a person. These exercises can even develop, retain, refine and transform the power from insignificant to the superior level.

Thus, what concerns all of us is to guard the energy within us by strengthening our aura.

Just as our immune system acts as a defensive shield from various physical diseases, in a similar way, aura is the foremost to guard us from the negatives that may hamper our rational mind. However, one should for that case avert from being in any of the negative circumstances, but these are external factors that are beyond the control of human beings. So, all one can do is to depend on their aura. A preventive measure from the negatives and a strong aura can be gained by the regular practice of meditation. An enhanced self-confidence, elevated energy, health, courage, sound sleep and respect are the proven facts that form some of the common consequences of the technique of meditation.

It does not make a superhuman being but only makes prominent the energies that are already possessed by people and were just unaware of it. The superior aura thus developed protects practitioner from any kind of confusion and psychological violence. Regularly practicing meditation can even make an individual visualize their aura. Moreover, once proficient in it, a person can then call forth his or her guarding shield at the time of emergency.

However, many of us are under the impression that an extended aura is always good and has a positive impact. But this is not true. It is necessary to maintain a balance. An aura, which has been extended beyond a normal limit sometimes, becomes more vulnerable to the negative energies around. The indications of this over-extended aura are stress, depression, joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety, depression, muscle pain and many others.

Thus, meditation comes as a solution to all kinds of problems relating to aura. If it is elevation of an aura or balancing the over-extended aura, meditation is a perfect way out.

This practice of deep breathings calms both the body and mind of an individual and activates a protective shield around it.