Acting With Love Energy Leads To Increase Of Life

Everything that we do is imbued with the energy of our consciousness. Two people might do the same action but each is putting in a different kind of energy according to his or her mental state and attitude. The energy that we put into our actions will be received by those whom our actions affect. It is the love energy or the lack of it that we are giving. This energy affects all that we do and the kind of results we get. We also desire to receive this love energy from others in what they do for us.

Love energy is present when people are loving what they do or are doing it with love. Without love energy, our actions are dead works because they lack the life and meaning that is meant to be present in them. We are all here not just to do what we are required to do in order to sustain life, but we are here to live life and help others to experience life as well. Life requires action to exist. Anything that is not moving is dead. All that is alive expresses itself in motion.

Life is love in action. That is why sitting still and not doing anything eventually leads to decay and disintegration of being. Life is experienced by connecting with others. The more alive a group of living beings is, the more they are connecting and interacting with one another. To connect requires motion to make the connection. Every activity that is presented in this world is for the purpose of making that connection between people. The evolution of life is the evolution of the ways that we can connect.

In the earlier part of the history of life, there were lesser things available for we humans to do in order to interact with one another. As time went by, more ways and means were developed to experience life with each other. Greater and more varied forms of communication, transport and social systems were invented. All these technological and cultural advancements in society is for the purpose of making the whole world more connected and integrated.

But with all these changes, the only thing that truly connects people is the love energy that is present in their actions. When we do something without love energy, there is no connection between us and the person we do it to. In this world of high tech, people need to experience high touch even more than ever before. In any transaction that is being made between two or more humans, there is a need for real interaction instead of just automated communication. We want to experience each other for real.

When we put our heart in what we do and show that we are truly present in our actions, we will give people what they really need which is the increase of life. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. When we enjoy doing something, when we have passion for it, when we are enthusiastic and genuinely desire to benefit others, that is when we are putting love energy in what we do. In essence, all that we are really doing is communicating love.

Anything that is experienced without love energy is empty. That is why people still feel empty when they have obtained a thing or service from another. There was no love energy present in the work done. The person was doing it purely out of job requirement or obligation. There was no real passion in the service, which results in no real enjoyment for the person receiving it. What we want is not material things from others, but the love which they can offer through those things and with those things.

Why do you think receptionists are told to be courteous and have friendly attitude towards callers they are speaking with? Why do you think waiters at restaurants are instructed to smile and show warmth to those that dine in? Why do you think we all know instinctively the need to create a positive experience with whoever we do business with? It is all for the purpose of showing love to those we interact with. Money makes the world go round but only love makes this world a better place.

Don’t go through the motions of doing something just for the sake of doing it. There is no life or love in it and you are doing it no differently from a machine. The energy that you put into your actions will determine the kind of effect it has on another. If you do something for others with love, they will respond with love and appreciation. Let there be an exchange of love energy in all that you experience. Express appreciation and acknowledgement to others that come into interaction with you.

You can also change the energy by which others are working with. If you see someone doing something just because it is part of their job and they are clearly not showing passion or joy in what they do, just a smile and a word of appreciation from you will brighten up their day. One moment they were doing it without love energy, but the next moment, they will be doing it with love energy because you have given it to them. You have enlivened them with life which they will share with others that come after you.

Love is the only thing which is real, everything else is illusion. If you can see the truth, you will know that all the activities that humans do are just various forms of expressing the same energy to one another which is love. Do yourself and others a favor by choosing work not for the money but to express your love. Choose also to receive only from others who put love in what they do. Increase life for others as well as for yourself. The more love energy you receive, the more you will have to give.