Across the Country Police Add New Chevy Vehicles to Their Fleets

For some time now the Ford Crown Victoria has been the staple vehicle in most Police Departments’ fleet of vehicles. But now that Ford has stopped producing those vehicles, departments across the state have had to think of new and alternative vehicles to make up the rest of their fleet. For many departments the Crown Vic still makes up the majority of their fleets, but for some new additions are already being made.

The New Police Cruisers
Right now many police departments are beginning to look at their aging vehicle fleets and are wondering how they will replace what has for so long been their staple vehicle. Other departments across the country already know how they will replace their old Crown Vics. The new Chevrolet Caprice is Chevrolet’s answer to the Ford Crown Victoria. These vehicles are modeled after the Pontiac G8 Sedan, which is no longer in production. Currently there are two models available, the patrol and detective models.

Although Car and Driver reports that a vehicle similar to the Caprice will be made soon and will be made available to civilians, right now the Caprice is only being made available to police departments across the country.

Alternative Cruisers
Police Departments across the country are also using existing Chevrolet models to replace their old cruisers. Though these vehicles are used for police work, they are being used in a very new way.

In California the Rocklin Police Department is looking to replace old cruisers with pursuit-rated Chevy Tahoes. The idea behind this, according to the, is to replace smaller cruisers with SUVs that will be able to carry more equipment, officers and, if necessary, criminals.

In New Mexico the Las Cruces Police Department is using unmarked Chevy Camaros to enforce traffic laws. According to the department is using the unmarked vehicles to track law breakers and unsuspecting drivers. These vehicles, in theory, will also keep the streets safer because drivers will be more wary about whether or not a police officer may be around.

Competition Across the Country
Chevrolet isn’t the only company that is trying to fill the void that is left in current police fleets. Other manufacturers, including Ford, are competing to have police departments across the country choose their vehicles for their fleets.

Despite this, departments in Kentucky, Florida, New Mexico, Seattle and California have already, or are considering, adding Chevy vehicles to their vehicle fleets to fill the void left by their old cruisers that needed to be replaced.

With police departments across the country staring down the problem of aging fleets it’s no wonder why manufacturers are jumping at the chance to create new cars for police department use. With Ford and Chevrolet rolling out new vehicles the old, familiar look of a Crown Victoria police cruiser may soon be gone. So the next time you’re on the road and you think about speeding or breaking the law, beware. There may be a police cruiser in your midst, and you won’t even know it. And as always, drive safely.