Acquire What Enables You To Give Your Best Gift

When you want to get something, ask yourself if you are getting it in order to give it to others or are you getting it to keep it for yourself. You might think you are getting it to give it to others, but if it is not part of the best gift that you have to give, then focus on getting that which enables you to give more of your best gift instead. Your best gift is the greatest value that you have to offer, because no one else is able to give it like you. It is your unique talent, knowledge or potential.

In life, there are many things that come our way which seem to promise us the ability to attain all that we desire. There are various paths that we can create wealth and different opportunities to make a difference in this world. What we all really want ultimately is to be fulfilled. That can only be a result of becoming all that we were meant to be, and doing all that we were meant to do. Everything that we acquire in life is to support us in fulfilling our purpose to the greatest extent.

There are many things that we are able to do that will benefit others and ourselves. As long as we are creating value in this world, we will gain value for ourselves as well. Society offers you so many ways to serve and to contribute. You could choose any of those ways and still do good to people. But that is still not good enough, because you were meant for more. You were created with a purpose that only you alone can best fulfill. Your purpose is the area where you can give your greatest gift.

Just doing what you are good at is not really good enough. You have to do what you are best at. By choosing to give something good that is not really what you are best at, you are depriving the world from the benefit of the best gift you could offer. Therefore, of all the ways that you could choose to serve, pick the one that enables you to live your true potential. Choose opportunities that will unleash your greatest talent. Choose to contribute in a way that allows you to be the best that you can be.

When you focus on that one path that supports you in doing your best work, all other opportunities are really distractions. True freedom does not come from being open to all opportunities, but it comes from closing yourself to everything else except what is best for you. When you lock into your purpose, you free yourself to maneuver within it and you free yourself from being distracted by other things. You are free from all other things to focus fully on that one thing.

Everything that we get enables us to give even more. We are blessed to be a blessing. We desire to be wealthy so that we can express abundance to others. We want to become more powerful so that we can better empower others. We want to be as happy as we can be so that we can give others as much happiness as we can give. It is all for the expression of who we are to the people we love. We want to express all the love we desire to express by being all the love that we are.

We can only give what we have, and we can only have more of what we choose to obtain. The things we acquire determines the things we have to give. Therefore if we want to give the best that we can offer, we should choose to acquire those things that enable us to give our best gift. Spend your time in learning the kind of knowledge that enables you to give your best knowledge. Invest in tools and systems that directly make an impact on improving your core business.

Success is a matter of focus. You have to focus on what you are taking in and what you are giving out. If you take something that only supports you in contributing at a lesser area, you will have less to contribute in your greatest area. If you focus all your acquiring and contributing in areas that are aligned with your true potential, you will create maximum success in fulfilling your highest purpose. That is why you don’t need to get everything that others are getting, but only that which is best for you to get.

When seen from the perspective of acquiring in order to contribute, it changes the way we select what things to obtain for ourselves. Every resource that we spend should be in exchange for a better resource in its value to increase our ability to give more of our best gifts. When we get something of lesser purpose, we may enjoy for the short term, but on the long term we will end up feeling empty. Acquiring and contributing what is of eternal value requires us to sacrifice what’s good or even great for what’s best.