Acnezine Reviews: Acnezine Addresses Acne Caused by Normal Hormone Imbalances

Everyone knows that the teen years are a difficult time for a number of reasons. Adding to the growth spurts, voice changes, facial hair, and other unmentionables, you may now have to deal with acne.

In addition to all of the other bodily changes that you have to learn to adjust to, you now are forced to face what is often unsightly and demoralizing facial and body acne.

You wash, you scrub, you treat, and you cross your fingers, yet there is still a massive mound that refuses to be covered on picture day. For those of you who are girls, acne takes on a special meaning once a month.

It’s not bad enough that you are bloated and cranky, you now need to dab concealer on your facial eruptions.

Testosterone and Teen Acne

As people enter the teen years, an increase in the male hormone testosterone and an apparent growth spurt of the sebaceous glands can cause an increase in the production of sebum, an oily, fatty substance produced by the sebaceous glands hair follicles that normally serves to lubricate your skin.

Because it is being overproduced, sebum often cannot drain properly and can therefore cause clogs. These clogs are a hefty breeding ground for bacteria and that’s why you get zits. Your zits may be smaller than the next person’s zits, but to you, they are likely to look like Mount Vesuvius has sprouted on your cheek…or forehead…or nose.

Since most of us don’t make it through this awkward time without experiencing the agony of the pimple, Acnezine has created a product to help us through hormone induced acne. Most of you will not escape the acne horror, although some of you will become more familiar with it than others (we’re all familiar with the cheerleader who never seems to break out).

Sometimes the acne cycle doesn’t end as you leave the teen years. As any adult can attest to, acne can rear its head at any age. Adult acne, and acne related to hormone loss can occur throughout your lifespan. It’s almost a cruel joke to be nearing menopause as your skin is behaving like a teenager.

Acnezine as a Part of Your Healthy Skin Regimen

Since nature has not yet rendered a person who can resist popping a zit, Acnezine strives to keep those pimples from forming in the first place. It’s almost as if Acnezine works with your hormones to break the acne hormone cycle eliminating the effects that zits have on your social life.

Acnezine does not give you permission to neglect your facial cleansing routine. And acnezine does not mean that you can load up on the chili cheese fries.

However, Acnezine does promise to help you control, and maybe even eliminate your zits. By using Acnezine along with regular cleansing and watching what you eat, you may experience the most effective reduction of acne possible.

With Acnezine’s blend of ingredients that not only prevent pimples from forming, but that help heal the ones that do break through, you are guaranteed a zit free reflection within weeks. And with ongoing web specials, Acnezine is affordable.