Acne | Truths And Myths About Acne | Acne Cure

There are myths and rumors prevailing regarding acne. Let’s take a look at some other popular beliefs about acne to drive out any other rumors.

Acne Myth 1

Is it true that acne spreads with increased stress? This is not completely true. Actual truth is that stress can have a very minimal or minor influence all by itself. Acne cannot actually caused due to stress.

But stress it can influence reoccurrences of acne as stress increases the body’s creation of a substance called cortisol. This cortisol causes the sebaceous glands to produce increased amounts of sebum oil that can be blocked in pores.

Acne Myth 2

Is Acne is contagious? No, Acne is non-communicable.

Acne Myth 3

You’ll outgrow acne, so just leave it along? This is not true. Acne strikes all ages and is treatable. If the acne is left untreated, it will possibly worsen.

Acne Myth 4

Is exposure to sun helps acne? It is not true in the long run. Actually the sun helps to clear up the blemishes and redden the skin, thus lessening the overall reddish effect of the targeted acne area.

On the other hand the sunrays can damage the skin and actually irritate skin more, worsening any existing acne problems in the course and clogging more pores as skin cells dry up and dismiss quicker than normal.

Acne Myth 5

Is sweating helps clean out your hair follicle areas? This is not true. Actually, body’s oil production increases temporarily, with the strenuous activity, which can actually worsen acne problem areas, causing recurrence or intensification.

Acne Myth 6

Is it true that acne problems are directly proportionate to sexualactivity, or lack thereof? Even this is not true. It does not mean that just because teenagers are going through hormonal changes, this has anything to do with acne.

Both are separate issues. This is even true in case of adults; adult acne and sex are two entirely different issues.

Acne Myth 7

People with acne are dirty and don’t wash enough. This is too false. Acne is the caused due to build up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria in a closed pore. Dirt has nothing in this process.

Acne Myth 8

Is it true that people with acne should not use moisturizers or other make-up products on their faces? Myth! Today there are many non-comedogenic cosmetics out there specially formulated to not clog pores.

Acne Myth 9

Is there any acne cure? Although at this time, there is no acne cure, there are many acne treatments available that do a great job in treating acne.

Acne Myth 10

Does certain cosmetics or spot treatments will help acne? Myth again. By the time a blemish appears, it has been in the works for a good couple of weeks.

Acne Myth 11

Acne is only on external issue or surface deep; i.e. people shouldn’t make such a big thing out of it? False. Actually, yes, it basically is only on your skin. However, the effects run much more deeper than that in many occasions.

More than 50 % of acne sufferers reported negative comments and other feedback from members of society, regardless of whether or not there was any scarring left for others to see afterwards.

And which results in internal depression and low self-esteem that can be harm emotionally as it is long-term problem. So acne can indeed be a very big issue requiring acne treatment and support.