Acne Skin Care – Your Best Acne Prone Skin Care

We all know that acne skin care is important. If you are of acne age you may be asking yourself these questions: How to prevent acne? How to treat acne? How to cure acne? What is the best acne skin care? Is there a best acne skin care product?

Skin care becomes especially important if you are suffering from acne. Keeping your skin as healthy as possible is one of the big secrets for helping to keep acne under control. Maintaining a healthy skin means keeping your skin clean as well as protecting it from the damaging effects of the sun and also cosmetics.

Keep Your Skin Clean – Your Best Acne Prone Skin Care

You want to use a soap that is gentle, a specialized acne cleaner, or an acne prevention skin care solution for your skin at least once or twice a day. Make sure you avoid scrubbing your skin aggressively as this may cause further aggravation of your acne. You want to use a cloth that is soft to moisten your face and apply these soaps or cleansers to your skin from your hairline down to your neck. You want to be sure to rinse these soap or cleansers thoroughly with lots of water and pat your face with a soft towel to dry.

People having skin that is especially oily may need to use an astringent. However make sure you use the astringent with care. Make sure that you only apply it to the areas of your face which are most oily.

You want to stop the use of this astringent if your skin starts to become irritated. Consulting with a dermatologist is best if you feel your skin is oily enough to require an astringent.

If your skin is especially sensitive, use a product that provides acne care for sensitive skin.

Believe it or not hair care is also a big part of taking care of your skin. You want to make sure to shampoo to your hair two to three times every week. You also want to keep your hair off your face as much as possible. If you have oily hair you may want to wash your hair once every day.

Guard your Skin from the Damaging Effects of the Sun

A sun tan may look great but too much sun will dry out your skin. This may make your acne a bit less noticeable by this effect is only temporary. Your ance will flare up again once your skin gets accustomed to being exposed to the sun. Too much sun will also increase your risk of skin damage. This may cause your skin to prematurely age and may even result in cancer to your skin. Most medications being used today to treat acne may cause your skin to become more sensitive to the sun and more susceptible to damage. You want to insure you apply a good sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun.

Be Careful with the Makeup

In a perfect world your best choice for healthy skin is not wearing any makeup at all. If you do choose to wear makeup, choose makeup that does not clog your pores. You will find that these products are labeled as noncomedogenic. However these may still result in acne for some people. Most importantly you want to stay away from makeup having an oily base. Make sure you read the labels with care and use sparingly.

Shaving and Acne

You want to try both safety razors and electric razors to find which is the most comparable. You don’t want to be using safety razors that have dull blades. Changing of the blade every two to three shaves is a good idea. You might have to shave around pimples or blemishes to keep from cutting them. Make sure that you soften your whiskers as much as is possible with shaving cream and water. If you are having lots of breakouts on a particular day you may want to skip shaving for that day.

Try to Keep from Touching Your Skin

I know how tempting it can be to try to pop your pimples by squeezing them. Please avoid this at all costs! By popping your pimples you are inviting trouble. Popping your pimples will result in openings on your skin that allow bacteria in. Permanent scarring can also result by you popping your pimples.

Keep your hands away from your face as much as is humanly possible. Some folks touch their skin without thinking about it. You must keep in mind that your hands are oily and dirty and can spread bacteria all across your face.

You can bring acne under control. Prescription medications, otc acne skin care product, or acne skin care treatments can be a big help in clearing up your skin and fighting the bacteria which causes acne. However we can help the process along as much as possible by taking good care of the skin on your face.