Acne Skin Care: Beware Snake Oil Merchants for the Treatment of Oily Skin

Acne treatment or acne skin care is a multi-million dollar business in the US. Acne is not only a common problem, that affects most teenagers and an increasing number of adults, but it is also an industry that sometimes plays on the fears of its customers. No one wants a spotty, oily, or bumpy skin – and the fear of looking the best you can be is enough to drive people towards any new acne treatment.

In some extreme cases, antibiotics can be prescribed by a physician in the treatment of acne, and these are usually very effective. However, doctors are reluctant to use antibiotics on acne sufferers because acne itself is not a life-threatening disease. People who use antibiotics can develop a resistance to it, so that they are more susceptible to future – possibly more dangerous – infections. So many people are drawn towards alternative, natural, acne treatments and once again the driving force is fear. And once again, there are a whole host of companies out there that would exploit that fear to sell what is little more than snake oil.

However, acne control is possible through good skin care and without the need for medication – less so for any special herbs. Acne treatment is possible through the nutrients found in foods – everyday vitamins and minerals – plus some good, basic skin care precautions. Of course, if acne control was possible through diet alone then no one would have acne at all, so obviously a large number of people are lacking the correct levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore an increased dosage of a particular vitamin, or combination of vitamins, can be just as effective an acne treatment as conventional medicines; and in many cases a whole lot more effective than the latest herbal treatment for acne on the market. When it comes to vitamins and minerals for the treatment of acne, there is a whole alphabet out there: from vitamin A to Zinc. For now, we will just introduce the first letter of the alphabet:

Vitamin A for Acne Skincare

When it comes to natural acne skin care or acne treatment, vitamin A has been found to be very effective. Severe acne has been treated using increased amounts of vitamin A with dramatic results. In addition, acne has been linked to vitamin A deficiencies in the body. So even amongst those with no problems, vitamin A can be used as an effective skincare vitamin that reduces the risk of acne breakouts.

Acne treatment is often given in the form of Retin-A, a derivative of vitamin A. This has been found to be extremely useful in acne skin care and the end result in most cases is not only an absence of pimples, but a clear, vibrant looking skin. Vitamin A plays a major role in unplugging the skin’s follicles and detoxifying the pores of the dirt, oil and dead bacterium that causes acne. Together with following other acne skin care regimens, what Retin-A also does is to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Vitamin A is often available as a cream, to be applied topically in acne skin care. However, vitamin A is really meant to be used internally by the body – and oral supplements of vitamin A make an excellent natural treatment for acne skin care.