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Before we get to the ranking and reviews, we wanted to give you a little background on how we came up with this list of acne products. We wanted to be a bit different than most sites that just give positive “reviews” on every acne treatment they sell.

How did we find these acne treatment products?

First we did extensive research online, spoke with industry professionals including dermatologists, checked sales figures, and did some consumer polling. Then, we decided to purchase and “test” the top 20 products available to consumers using a variety of criteria for 6 months.

Finally, we narrowed down the list to the top 5 best acne treatments on the market today. We’ll just tell you up-front that we saw excellent results with all 5 of these products. We also want you to know that we do not sell any of these treatments (although we’ll provide you with reputable stores that do).

One more thing to keep in mind, the acne treatment / product reviews are designed with simplicity in mind. We didn’t want to bog down visitors with manufacturer info, scientific mumbo-jumbo, and marketing jargon that you can get anywhere. We try to give you the essential points you’ll need to make an educated decision about which product is right for you.

Top 5 Acne Treatments

* Acuzine
* Derma Cleanse
* Proactiv Solution
* DDF Acne Problem Kit
* DermaPure

There you have it, our list of the best acne products on the market. Click on the name of any of the products to go to the more detailed review page. From there, you can check how each acne treatment ranked in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, and an overall rating.

Each review also lists some basic information about the product including what the kit includes, active ingredients, price, and guarantee.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of the many benefits of clearer skin, this list should point you in the right direction!