Acid Drug Reflux

You know you have acid reflux, and you know you get it after your meals. But what about the other times when you suffer that burning sensation? The times when acid reflux attacks you and you haven’t even eaten yet? Perhaps you might have noticed that an attack occurs only after you’ve taken a painkiller? If so, then you might be having what is known as acid drug reflux.

It’s not as uncommon as you would believe, and most people are at risk from acid drug reflux. You wouldn’t have even noticed anything amiss in the beginning, perhaps a slight twinge or two, but nothing that didn’t go away soon thereafter. But then you noticed that it started getting worse, and worse. Every time you had a headache, or muscle ache you would also get acid reflux right along with it.

Still you continue to shrug it off, after all it’s normal right? Millions of people suffer from it daily, therefore it’s nothing to complain about. That’s where you would be wrong. With stomach disorders, or any other disorder for that matter, it is always good to get a medical opinion as soon as possible to rule out that it isn’t actually something worse.

Acid drug reflux however, occurs when your stomach lining becomes damaged due to a consumption of certain types of drugs, over a period of time. And in today’s stress filled anxiety ridden workday, where you’re always ‘on’, and don’t have the luxury to switch off even for a few minutes, it is very easy to resort to taking a little pill to stave off impending disaster.

Mainly the culprit for acid drug reflux can be found in aspirin, or any other drug containing aspirin. Wham! There just went your source of staying power for the day. The one thing you could count on, to keep the little gremlins in your head, away. The good news though is that there are painkillers out there that don’t depend on aspirin in any form to support them.

Unfortunately there is another cause for acid drug reflux, and that pill isn’t taken for the pleasure of it but out of necessity. NSAIDs, or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, are generally prescribed to people suffering form arthritis, and unfortunately leave them vulnerable to the effects of acid drug reflux. One type of NSAID that most of us will recognize is Ibuprofen, therefore ruling out any Ibuprofen drugs as well.

It’s only a few points to ponder, but the next time you reach so readily for those aspirin or Ibuprofen based painkillers, remember what you’re doing to your body and think twice, because after all, you only live once.