Achieve a Movie Star Body

We watch TV and we see these amazing movie or music star bodies, and we are like how do I get a bod like that. Most people dismiss that they could never look like a movie star. Though very few people are blessed with the looks and body of Halle Berry, learning what it takes to have a movie star body will give you a hot body as well. Live Lean Today looks at the fitness and diet plans that create sexy bodies.

No matter whom you are if you want to look like a movie star than you have to exercise and eat healthy. If you want the magic pill; exercise and diet are it. Exercise builds the sexy tone lean muscles we like and your diet trains your body to burn fat and lose those love handles.

The movie star plan combines cardio and strength training with a balanced 5 small meals a day diet. What works for movie stars is exactly how Live Lean Today set up their fitness and diet plans. You don’t need expensive equipment or a lot of time. A few hours a day and some dumbbells and a stability ball will have you on your way to the new hot sexy movie star you.

Cardio Training has two major goals. The first goal is to train your body to use fat effectively as a fuel source. This allows your body to adequately burn fat on a daily basis. The second goal is to increase your metabolism so you burn more energy on a daily basis. Studies have demonstrated that people who do interval cardio training burn more fat while not exercising that doing other forms of cardio. Live Lean Today customizes your personal cardio program to optimize these results.

The best bodies have slender tone lean muscles and this is what strength training provides. The key to movie star looks from your strength training is to incorporate core training. Core training engages your abdominal muscles throughout the movements which burns more energy and develops nice looking abs.

lea newmanFive small meals may seem like a lot though it doesn’t have to be. Most people when switching from their current diet to 5 small meals eat fewer calories. When you eat throughout the day your cravings go away and your body starts to burn more fat that ever before. You know this is working because you will have more energy than ever before.

The last step to creating a movie star body is a personal trainer. Always on the news we here what the next celebrity trainer is talking about. You probably can’t afford your own celebrity trainer though with Live Lean Today you get all the benefits of a personal trainer and dietician for less than a gym membership. Live Lean Today is the only personal training website that allows you talk in real time to your own online personal trainer and dietician. Professional support is the key to overcome the weight loss and fitness challenges and personal trainers are the difference for movie stars to create their amazing bodies.

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