Accomplishment and Failure – Causes and Analysis

We can observe a person’s planning to analyze the causes of their accomplishment and failure. For any plan to accomplish we can come to understand how an individual’s capacities and character play out against the social forces he confronts. If his capacities and character are best and the character and forces of society, including the social institutions in which the act is carried out are best, he can not help but do well. The reverse is of course also right.

We can learn much about our skill to accomplish in literature and in the other arts. Shakespeare for one is a gold mine for viewing a variety of situations and conditions in which humans try to accomplish. Looking at it from the standpoint of the capacities and character of the individual we witness plethora of examples. For example, we can observe how Hamlet’s indecisiveness in the presence of great evil done leads to his own fall. We see how Romeo and Juliet are besieged by their passions and emotions. We see how King Lear goes crazy because he is so attached to a daughter who refuses his overture of inheritance.

In every case we see the ambition and strengths and weaknesses of individual character played out against a social background as they try to accomplish that which is dear to them. In essence, they fail; hence they are sad figures. We can also witness the social background in which human acts occur. E.g. Romeo and Juliet’s death occur as their acts of intensity and passion are played out against a social context of lurking disagreement between the Montagues and Capulets. This further intensified their condition, leading to their tragedy, as well as society’s tragedy and eventual settlement.

In the real life we can observe the same forces that lead to accomplishment or failure. If we were to observe our lives as a separate observer such as a Shakespeare, it would be possible to look at our own situations or other’s situations and see what were the social or individual forces that led to accomplishment or failure? In fact, one could think about any great accomplishment or failure in our lives and look at the conditions that existed that could promote positive or negative results. We would need to test our aspirations, capacities and character, social and individual character, and the character of the social environment, including the direct social character of the institutions we interacted with.

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