Accessories that best suits your Trampolines.

Trampolines are great to have around the house. Not only do they provide for children’s recreational fun time, they’re also used for fitness purposes such as gymnastics or aerobics workouts
Many believe that trampolines and trampolining were originated by Eskimos in which a walrus skinned sheet was used to toss people up into the air. However, the trampoline process has evolved greatly to having present day trampolines are made of a strong taut fabric stretched over a metal frame anchored together by strong metal coils.
In all the luxury we’re surrounded in today, there are also many types of trampoline accessories available to promote more safety, fun and ease of use in the trampoline that includes enclosures, exercising equipment, ladders and more.

Trampoline Bounce Board
A safer way to practice your big air skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard moves Fun Spot’s Bounce Board lets boarders harness the trampoline’s full training potential without damaging the trampoline mat

Trampoline Cover
Trampoline cover protect your investment by extending the life of your trampoline’s components. Fun Spot trampoline covers protect against sun, rain, salt and leaves, and are especially effective at extending the life of your safety pad and mat. Trampoline covers also serve as a safety tool by helping communicate to children that the trampoline is “closed” when adult supervision is not present.

Trampoline Ladder
Crafted of powder-coated, high-carbon steel, our trampoline ladders are built to withstand years of rain and UV exposure. Unlike other trampoline ladders that require a lot of tedious assembly that compromises stability, the rungs of our trampoline ladder are welded to the sides, making assembly a breeze and the ladder safer. These trampoline ladders have two height settings–39 inch and 47 inch–making them perfect for most home trampolines.

Skating legend Andy MacdonaldÂ’s latest love jumps like a trampoline and travels like a skateboard. This is not your daddy’s pogo stick! Macdonald and an MIT engineer stoked the Flybar with enough patented elastometric springs to launch a 200-pounder 6-ft in the air! The elastometric spring system is fully adjustable, propelling riders from 120 to 250-lbs. Powered strictly by leg strength and body weight, the Flybar will launch both your and your heart rate.

Backpack Cooler
Fun Spot’s Backpack Cooler is the ideal beach companion! This all purpose bag is equipped with an insulated cooler spacious enough to contain an entire six pack of beverages. The upper mesh pouch opens wide to hold wet beach wear.

Anchor Kit
Our trampoline anchor kit secures your trampoline against flight in high winds. Kit ships complete with four steel anchors and industrial strength straps. Buckles allow for easy strap removal for mowing grass.

Saddle Bag
Our trampoline saddle bag neatly stores shoes and other gear. Stays organized and strike a blow against golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and other four legged shoe thieves.