Acceptable and Unacceptable Flirting Behaviors

Flirting is an art form, something that takes time for both men and women to refine. Unfortunately, some forms of flirtation are considered unacceptable, which will be covered in this article. When done right, in the right situation, and with the right person, flirtation is a highly valuable tool in letting another person know there is interest but when done wrong, it can be disastrous.

Acceptable flirting behaviors: Involves a single person flirting with another single or unattached person. This behavior also involves flirting in a subtle way that lets the man or woman know there is interest without being vulgar or irresponsible. For instance, if a woman is sitting in a nice restaurant and notices a man she would like to meet, she could smile or gently touch his arm. These methods of flirtation are fine.

Unacceptable Flirtation: The thing to remember with unacceptable flirtation is that what is deemed “unacceptable” will vary from one person to the next. Therefore, you need to use good judgment based on each encounter. The best way to determine if your flirtation is appropriate is to toss out some general comments to test the water. Once you see how the woman responds, you will have a much better idea of the direction to take.

Now, some unacceptable flirtation moves are obvious. For instance, you would never approach a woman and comment on her breasts, her weight, age, and so on. Typically, trying to talk dirty to be cool or flirtatious is only setting yourself up for disaster. Some women may laugh at off-colored responses but you can be sure they are cringing on the inside.

You also want to be careful with using touch as a flirtatious move. Now, once you have engaged in conversation and it becomes obvious that she is flirting with you or responding to your flirtation then a simple touch on the arm is fine. However, some men feel it okay to maul a woman who they do not even know. Again, hands off until you know the person better or have clear indicators that rubbing the back or touching the leg is fine. Generally, keep touching out of the flirting process for a while.

You also want to be careful if talking to a woman of another race, not saying something that you might think is funny but she would be offended. Again, unacceptable flirtation is common sense. You should move in slow, taking time to talk and flirting by being friendly. With that, your chances of getting a phone number or even a firm date are going to be much better than if you dive in headfirst. Just think before you leap and you will do fine