Accelerated CNA Program

As the name suggests, an accelerated CNA program is completed within a lesser duration as compared to other CNA courses. It is usually meant for those who are already working as nurse aides but have to take up additional training in order to get their license. It may also be taken by individuals who can attend the entire course and learn the various skills in a short span of time. Some nurse aides find that when they apply for a transfer of their license to another state, it does not get accepted even if they have experience. They have to then undergo this kind of program to get licensed. This program can also be taken by those whose licensed could not be renewed on time and has lapsed.

Typically a program for nurse aides may last from 7 to 12 weeks, depending on the number of hours per day, or whether the classes are held online, or in the weekends. However, the duration of most of the accelerated training classes is about 2 weeks and the students might be required to attend all the classes.

When the certified nurse aides have to relocate from one state to another, they have to apply for reciprocity. However, there are are several prerequisites for that state to accept this reciprocity. The federal laws states that the nurse aides should undergo a training of at least 75 hours. However, in many states the nurse aides have to undergo training for a longer duration. They do not accept reciprocity from other states who have lesser number of hours of training for nurse aides. These nurse aides have to take up accelerated CNA training programs, pass the competency exam and get license in that state.

Some individuals do not have their license as nurse aides, but they work in various health care facilities. The salary of these professionals is slightly less as compared to those who have license. As they already have work experience, and are familiar to the responsibilities of the nurse aides, they can easily take up accelerated programs and get their certification.

This program is also beneficial to those who quit their jobs so that they can take up the course to become a CNA. These classes are of at least 5 to 6 hours a day and those who can attend such classes easily and regularly, can get certified in a much shorter duration.

A very important feature of this kind of program is that the learning curve is quite sharp. The learners have to keep pace with the fast pace. So if you are a good learner and can keep up with the fast pace of the classes, you can definitely attend these programs and get certified as a nurse aide.