Abundant Living Faith Center

All About the Abundant Living Faith Center

What is the Abundant Living Faith Center? Well, they are a non denominational, multicultural church, for one thing. However, what is their aim? The Abundant Living Faith Center aims to spread a message to people. They aim to spread the message that you can be victorious by living according to God’s word. You might be asking yourself, “What does it mean to be victorious?” You might be saying to yourself “I didn’t know that a person can be defeated in life.”

What Abundant Living Faith Center attempts to make people understand is that life is a battle. People can be defeated by work, they can be defeated by other people, and they can even be defeated by their own pride. In order to become victorious, a person must rely on more than his own abilities and knowledge. In order to emerge victorious, Abundant Living Faith Center teaches people to rely on the Word of God.

The Abundant Living Faith Center goes back to the basics of being a church. Too many churches today focus on quantity, recruiting members in order to grow. However, the Abundant Living Faith Center focuses on quality. Even though they number more than 12,000 members, every individual in the Abundant Living Faith Center still feels like a part of a close-knit family.

What is the mission of Abundant Living Faith Center? The purpose of Abundant Living Faith Center, like the purpose of every church is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. It is, after all, the great commission to every believer.

However, the mission of the Abundant Living Faith Center is to build a church that remains relevant to the lives of its members. Many people today a have a tendency of forgetting all about their church when the worship service is over. That is the reason why so many people today confuse “church” with “church building”. The Abundant Living Faith Center hopes to build a church which you cannot leave behind, but stays in your heart and changes you life every day.

Abundant Living Faith Center glorifies God and takes care of the people through their different ministries and outreaches. The world today is full of people who simply do not care of their fellows any more.

In fact, walking in many of today’s cities has become a job of avoiding eye contact with every person you meet. Gone a re the days of smiling and waving. In this world, any type of friendly human touch is often seen by people as a gift from God. There are a lot of people out there who need a smile more than they need a dollar but it is often them who get scorned by society. Abundant Living Faith Center attempts to help these people experience the love that Jesus has for them.

The Abundant Living Faith Center also provides children with Faith-based education through their Christian academy. Parents who want their kids to have superior education and instilled with the basic principles of Christianity will find that in the Abundant Living Faith Center.

What makes Abundant Living Faith Center so special? It is the continuing dedication to live as the Word of God says and the continuing aim to make a difference in the community around them and within the members themselves.

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