Abundance for September and DailyAffirm Positive Affirmations Day by Day

I try to be understanding when people interpret the word “abundance” to mean “money” or “prosperity.” This is not to say there is anything wrong with money or prosperity. I personally like and experience both. My point is only that the words are not synonymous.

I know folks who have lots of money, yet live in poverty consciousness. I know folks who have no challenge meeting their financial commitments, yet feel sadly lacking in confidence or friends or competence. I know folks who have very little in material possessions, yet their hearts are filled will love and joy. I am convinced that when you discern the energy of abundance as different from money and each of these different from prosperity, you free yourself to experience all three more fully.

You can use anything to experience abundance: dead leaves in the forest, the ocean, food, mountains, paper, trust, money, confidence, skills, anything! Abundance is about unlimited consciousness, not finite things. The consciousness of abundance creates those things.

During the month of September, DailyAffirm explores the theme of Abundance with five different types of affirmations and practice exercises. A new message is posted each day. The essence of the DailyAffirm Process is to proceed through the month with a series of different types of concepts, affirmations, and exercises to explore the theme. In order to fully embrace abundance, it is helpful to acknowledge that the lack or opposite of abundance also exists. The key is to differentiate and choose.

Here are the types of affirmations, with brief description of each, and examples of exercises to practice the ideas.

Releasing/Cleansing Affirmations for September (September 1-7). The purpose of Releasing and/or Cleansing Affirmations is to let go of unwanted and unneeded stuff. This week, these affirmations support you in clearing away non-abundance and releasing resistance and contradictions to abundance.

Identify something that you believe you lack or have “not enough.” Before you decide on the obvious, explore aspects of the physical (including money, health, possessions), the emotional (including feelings and relationships), the mental (including knowledge and skills), and the spiritual (including connection with your higher consciousness and awareness of global or universal issues). With this idea (or several ideas) in your mind, energize this week’s affirmations to release lack

Receiving/Accepting Affirmations for September (September 8-14). The purpose of Receiving and/or Accepting Affirmations is to open to allow something to be or to become. Open to receive and accept abundance into your life.

Cultural conditioning tends to negate the truth that giving and receiving are the same. Religious dogma asserts that “it is better to give than to receive,” which, of course, says that giving and receiving are not the same, and, further, that one is better than the other. When you touch deeply into the energy of giving and receiving, you can more easily recognize that they are the same. Keep in mind, a recognition that “we are all one” helps to understand the depth of the truth that giving and receiving are the same.

Being/Intending Affirmations for September (September 15-21). The purpose of Being and/or Intending Affirmations is to ground your purpose, especially your higher purpose. To be and to intend are different, yet interrelated. Abundance opens you to more abundance.

Return to the situation that you identified in the first week of these affirmations. If you have not already done so, identify an intention for yourself related to that situation. Your intention can be as simple as, “To experience abundance.” Be certain that your statement of intention is something that you can remember so that you can say or think it as you find yourself in the dynamics of the situation. Go as deep as possible into the meaning of abundance in your life, with special emphasis on the exploration of this specific situation.

Acting/Claiming Affirmations for September (September 22-28). The purpose of Acting and/or Claiming Affirmations is to bring something into manifestation or to direct the energy of your intention to a desired manifestation. Allow all your actions to be associated with abundance. Then, move through the week energized by prosperous and fulfilling thoughts.

Return again to the situation that you identified in the first week of these affirmations. Consider the most satisfying action you can take with respect to that situation. Experiment (perhaps only in your mind’s eye) with at least twelve different actions. Even if you find it impractical or impossible to physically act out all twelve scenarios, you will have expanded your repertoire. Knowing you have choices can assist you in staying in the energy of abundance. Choose to act with abundance.

Integrating/Embodying Affirmations for September (September 29-31). The purpose of Integrating and/or Embodying Affirmations is to allow the energy and meaning of the affirmations to merge with your consciousness. It is important to understand that it is a continuous process to allow abundance to integrate into various aspects of your life. Do it, and then do it again and again and again.

Use your breath to integrate: Breathe in the energy of abundance; breathe out the energy of abundance.

Consider how and where you can find abundance in your life, right now.