Abundance and Simplicity: Understanding the True Nature of Abundance

“The simplicity of nature is not that which may easily be read, but is inexhaustible.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Online since 2004, in the course Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance, it is identified that “simplicity is the birth of every masterpiece.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Father of Early Transcendentalism, fully understood the beauty of simplicity in nature and the universe.

Some think that abundance is the simplicity of nature and the universe, but this is one of those “almost-around-about” ways to explain a deeper meaning. The simplicity of nature and the universe is the seed of abundance, but abundance itself is the “inexhaustible” aspect of nature which has been identified by Emerson.

To explain this deeper meaning, take a look at a fruit orchard. Each fruit orchard begins with seeds germinate and these seeds become fruit trees. Each tree is only one seed that germinated and became a tree. One simple seed becomes many fruit with many seeds. The simplicity is the seed and the inexhaustible is the fruit orchard.

Yes, abundance begins with simplicity, but abundance is inexhaustible. This reality not only gives hope and inspiration to us, but it imparts the knowledge that lack and scarcity are an illusion created in the minds of those who do not understand abundance.

There is evidence of abundance all around us and one only has to choose the path of prosperity in order to experience it. We can live with an abundance of love and devotion, wealth and success, wellness and health, peace and order, and knowledge and wisdom. The choice is ours.

However, in order to let go of the illusion of scarcity and lack, one must let go of all illusions created by the ego. The ego creates these illusions when we reject our true desires and our true self which is our Inner Being.

How does this apply to simplicity? When we don’t understand that the universe and nature is inexhaustible, we live by the illusion of lack. This illusion causes us to hold on to the seed rather than plant the seed which produces the fruit orchard. As a result, the seed eventually dries up and dies and we have no materialization of abundance. In other words, simplicity never produces the masterpiece and abundance is never manifested.

Simplicity is the birthplace of abundance as the seed is the birthplace of ever fruit tree and every fruit orchard. Therefore, it is wise to let go of the illusion of lack and scarcity and see the abundance that is all around us while basking in the true pleasures of life.