About the Limitations – Part 2 – Be Specific, Have Faith, and Gratitude

Be as specific as you can; have faith that it will happen and stay in a mode of gratitude being thankful for everything you now have, but above all, you must have volition. Volition is the willpower, the free will and the determination in your soul to get what you desire. Volition is the swelling up of conscious thoughts that trigger the spark in the ignition that gets the car revved up and ready to go. Now think back to when you were a child and you heard the clinging bells of the ice cream truck. You knew exactly what kind of ice cream you wanted. You didn’t even wonder if the ice cream man had your flavor on the truck; you had faith it would be there. To get the money to purchase the ice cream you said yes to your parent’s demands, regardless of whether they were additional responsibilities you would have perform later. You were off and running after the truck to retrieve your desired treat. This is how thought, desire, expectation, volition and determination work together. The conscious, desirous wanting of an item becomes so great, you physically set into motion the energy needed to combine thought with action.

Manifesting your desire should be smooth, easy and something that will naturally bring euphoria, rapture, inspiration and joy into your life. Your desire is sparked each time you think a thought one, two or three times with emotion about an object or experience it then sends a clear, strong signal into the universe. Thereupon, a file with your name on it stores it with those thoughts of the same vibration level and when the desire for what is yours in mental form becomes undeniable, the universe will send you an Earthly equivalent in material form. Whether that equivalent is a new car, lover, house or job it will be yours. Do You believe it?

It may sound a little simplistic and unconventional, but you can change the dynamics of your life or any experience if you believe you can.

Over the past years, you could watch people use their MP3 players or iPods on buses, on trains and at the airport, everywhere oblivious to anyone or anything around them. This means people do have the power to create their own universe if they so choose. Consciously or unconsciously most people continue this process the moment they get into their car and then by turning on the TV once they get home. Accept the facts that you can start reprogramming your thoughts during the day by watching positive TV/DVD, and listening to empowering and inspirational songs. On a mental level you will begin to change your physical condition for the better no matter what environment you are in now. Consistently listening to inspiring music will subliminally work on your subconscious mind creating a lasting positive effect.

Acknowledge that you were born into a great powerful Universe that is abundant, wealthy, healthy, inspiring, dynamic, robust and replete. For the Universe knows no lack or limitations.