About the Limitations – Part 1 – Enlarge Your Vision and Activate Creative Thought Process

You are only limited by the thoughts inside your mind. In your mind the omniscient power does exist. To activate this creative thought process, just envision your thoughts as building blocks to create things. Have you ever heard someone make statements like, “Pride goes before the fall” or “It’s not your time yet,” or “Wait your turn?” But wait for what, when is a better time to dream and desire to the utmost?

No one will be short-changed out of his or her abundance if they truly want what they desire. It’s your birth-right; there is an overabundance of wealth, success, and happiness to go around for everyone who wants or desires it. When you decide that you are in total control of your life, you will become more aware of what you give your attention to and to whom.

Would you walk into a shoe store with your desire all planned out and allow the shoe sales person to tell you which shoes to buy? No, you would not because you know what kind of shoes you like and you know what feels good on your feet. The moment you realize that you create your own reality and that people who may have your best at heart can’t create your life, you will pick superlative words and choose positive thoughts to describe yourself just as you would pick top grade ingredients to bake a prize-winning cake. As you acknowledge this truth, you will not entertain lack and limitation in your mind on any level.

The moment you start to worry about your desire which is creating in the negative, or use the word “but” which negates everything you just said, you are throwing your thoughts away. The mind cannot focus on the pleasures of your desire and the inner negative doubts of failure at the same time. One of these energies must dominate your thought process. Do not allow negative thoughts, old beliefs, the voices of naysayers and people with pessimistic views to convince you there is not enough prosperity for everyone. Changing your lack consciousness to one of abundance will not happen right away because of thoughts of limitations you have previously set in motion. If you start using affirmations, it will happen sooner rather than later. Using positive affirmations will neutralize some of the negative thoughts that you have all ready vibrated into the universe on a conscious and unconscious level.

Start by posting pictures of your dreams, desires and goals. Listen to songs of empowerment to reprogram your thoughts. Also, use a storyboard to map out where you want to go in life. Through the constant repeating of positive affirmations about wealth, abundance, success, and health, you slowly erase old limitations. The more you expect your desire the faster manifestation will happen.