About Mystery Shopping

All about Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a way companies can see if their stores, employees and managers are doing the things they are supposed to be doing. When the general manager goes into a store, everyone is on their best behavior. Everyone is wearing what they are supposed to be wearing. Everything is clean. Everyone is working all the time. Everything is perfect. But if you have ever worked in a situation like this you know that this is not what goes on when that general manager is not there.

So companies hire unknowns to go into their stores, shop, buy and survey. They pay attention to every detail, everything they need to know to determine if things are running right. What are their employees doing? Are they laughing behind the counter and goofing off? Are they helping the customers or are they not even around? Is the store clean? Do you find everything you need? Are you approached and assisted? How many customers are in the store?

Some mystery shoppers pay a small start up fee and are given a booklet of information, a guide to mystery shopping. They have more options and are given more shopping opportunities. Some shoppers don’t pay anything but also don’t get paid very much. Some places, like fast food chains, only pay for you meal to eat there. But some people are happy with that. It depends upon what kind of mystery shopper you want to be.

Mystery shoppers are given assignments that tell them the date to go on their shop, the times to go during and when their evaluation is to be in by. They are given an evaluation form that tells them what they need to look for and report on. DO NOT bring your evaluation form on the shop with you. It is a dead giveaway about who you are and you won’t get an unbiased shop. Instead, study your evaluation form before your shop to know what you should be looking for. Then when you get home fill it out immediately so you won’t forget any details.

Mystery shopping should be taken seriously and is not a get rich quick scheme. Mystery shopping is important to companies and sometimes can determine the success or failure of their stores and employees. Employees can get written up or even fired as a result of a mystery shop, so make sure your evaluations are complete, truthful and as full of detail as you can.

Remember not to tell anyone where you mystery shop. Word could get around and then everyone would know who you were when you walked in. The point of mystery shopping is the mystery part. It is secret way to get information. Not to mention a fun way for you. You are, after all, getting paid to do what you love – shopping!


Mystery shopping is an important tool for companies to determine the success or failure of their stores or employees. It is to be taken seriously.

Source: https://positivearticles.com