About Modeling Booking

As you enter the modeling industry, you’re bound to hear the word “book” or “booking” over and over again. But what is “booking” exactly? What does it mean to be “booked” and why is it so important?

A booking is a modeling job. If you’re working with an agent, your agent is the one responsible for “booking” you. Since there are many different kinds of modeling jobs, there are also different types of booking.

If for example, your agent books you for a modeling job from 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, that’s called a “Day Rate” booking. As the name implies, this type of modeling job runs during “regular work hours” and demands a predetermined hourly rate.

Overtime rates are charged just like they are at any other job, however in modeling, you’re also paid for getting ready. This is called Prep Time and during this part of your schedule, you’ll apply makeup, style your hair, or rehearse your walks and/or poses.

Should something occur that prevents you from attending that booking, the booking is then canceled – but not without consequences. Canceled bookings come with a hefty price to pay. On average, a booking must be canceled within a certain number of days before the party responsible for canceling it has to pay either half or the entire cost of the job!

Another type of booking is a called a “fitting” and if you’re scheduled for one of these, you’ll basically try on a few items of clothing for a mere hour or more. But the client who hired you is responsible for paying an entire day’s work.

If you’re booked to model lingerie, your rates are increased and your client is billed twice as much as your agent normally charges. In the modeling industry, the less you wear, the more money you make but you always have the option to decline this type of job – especially if you show up for a booking and weren’t told ahead of time that you would model this type of clothing.. As part of negotiating this kind of booking with your agent, the client who hires you must provide a private and comfortable setting. The same follows for nude bookings as well.

Since bookings are the life of your modeling career, it’s vital that you show up on time and do nothing to jeopardize the agreement between the client and your agent.

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Source: https://positivearticles.com