Ab Toning Exercises After C-Section

While many women believe that ab toning exercises after c-section are useless, that actually isn’t the case. Though many women find themselves with the ‘mother’s apron’ that comes from having a cesarean section, there are ways that you can start to shrink this area and get yourself back into shape. The trick is you have to do more than simply ab toning exercises after c-section; you also need to diet, do some aerobic workouts in addition to the actual toning work. And while you may be tempted to skip one of these steps, that may be just the thing that’s keeping you from fitting into those skinny jeans again.

To help ab toning exercises after c-section work, you will need to revamp your entire diet. If you’re still carry around extra baby weight, just as with any weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you are burning off, creating a calorie deficit. To do this, you should increase the fruits and vegetables, limit the processed foods, sugars, and fatty foods that you are eating, as well as try to eat less. This is actually much easier than it sounds too. Start by leaving one to two bites on your plate at every meal. Then, start replacing sugary foods with sweet fruits, regular soda with diet. The smaller changes will add up as you go along, but it’s up to you to find ways to cut back your calories. By eating only when you’re hungry as well as starting to eat smaller portions five to seven times a day, you will start to notice weight dropping away.

The next step to help ab toning exercises after c-section be effective is to include some sort of cardiovascular workout in your fitness program. By taking the baby out for brisk walks of at least forty-five minutes a day, you will help to burn off more calories and increase your metabolism – not to mention your energy levels. If you don’t have time for a long workout, try to fit in smaller ‘chunks’ of workouts to add up to the calorie burn that you want to achieve.

Finally, there are a number of ab toning exercises after c-section that you can use to help tone that section of your body. Here are a few that have worked for other moms like you:

Pelvic tilt – By lying on your back with your feet on the floor, lift your pelvis off the ground while you pull in your lower abdominal muscles. You can either repeat this exercise or you can see how long you can hold your muscles in and then lower slowly.

Side crunches – To help hold in the skin that may be hanging on your stomach, you will want to strengthen your oblique muscles as well. Lying on the ground with your feet on the floor, put your hands behind your head, left up as though you were going to crunch normally and then twist to the side, letting the opposite elbow touch the opposite knee. Slowly twist back to the middle and lower down. Repeat on the other side.

By taking the time to create a plan that can help your ab toning exercises after c-section work, you will not only get your figure back, but you will also get your body in shape to handle the rigors of childhood.