A Word of Caution about What the Law of Attraction Is & How To Use It!

A short word about practicing the laws of attraction; don’t waste your time dreaming of becoming filthy rich, highly successful and powerful, as though the instructions were contained in some get rich quick manual that you only had to follow to the letter to get what you want, without rhyme or reason of why you should be getting these things. Getting filthy rich is highly unlikely anyway and it is not the purpose of the laws of attraction. If you study the concept in earnest, begin to practice it with true conviction, you will come to realize that material wealth is less important when the universe begins to endow you with the real riches it possesses. That isn’t to say money cannot be manifested, it can but only in order to achieve a purpose!

USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION FOR OUR PURPOSE: You know, we are each given a purpose to carry out before we land here on earth and moving away from that purpose will only result in difficulties and disillusionment because we are not creating that which was decided for us (by us). It’s like swimming against the tide! Did you ever feel there was something you should be doing, that you were missing out on something in your life? Do you sometimes ponder your existence and wonder what the meaning of YOUR life is? The laws of attraction are set in place to help us on our journey of discovery, it’s important to be aware of and in tune with the opportunities around us, to have a clear idea of what it is we want to do and what we want to achieve. After all, you can’t buy a train ticket without knowing where you are heading!

OUR PASSION: The laws of attraction will not work the way we want them to until we have figured out what our real passion is. We each need to discover what it is that makes our heart warm, doing something that makes us feel alive, something which feels natural and as though we were made to do this thing. This is our passion! When we find our passion and incorporate it into our life, suddenly the cogs of our universe will begin to turn and advance us because we are truly on the right path. Life will become easier, doors will open and synchronicity will provide the way forward for us. For me, just whilst writing this short article I have received three emails about the Laws of Attraction, the TV is on (I work at home and the kids are home) and have just heard a commercial that voiced the word passion really loudly about seven times!! You see I am doing what I love ‘ writing, communicating. I’m exploring my passion and the universe – or God – is nudging and winking at me telling me I am on the right path. Try it out for yourself ‘ it really does work 😉

THE WHOLE: Our passion is there to work for the good of the whole and not only for ourselves, that is how the universe manifests and this is our place in it. It may not seem obvious that doing something we are passionate about will benefit the world – but in the long view it does, it isn’t a selfish act! That’s why we are given our individuality; we are here to work separately as pieces of a jigsaw in order to create the whole picture and our blessings for doing this is real happiness.

APPLYING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Doing what truly makes us happy people is how we will attract more happiness into our lives and less trouble, strife and illness. Scientists are already proving that our DNA reacts according to our emotions and thus when feelings of gratitude, love and appreciation are felt our DNA becomes fully switched on including our ability to resist disease. However, When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP. It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF many of our DNA codes! The most extraordinary fact about these tests is that the DNA responded in samples taken out of the the body at exactly the same moment and with the exact same reaction as the DNA within the donors body – and the scientists stopped testing after the Donors and the DNA samples were 50 Miles apart!! Now that’s got to be food for thought for those scientists, suggesting there has to be an unseen web of energy that connects the physical to the non physical elements of not only our make up, but our world, where distance as we know becomes redundant regarding these connections! The idea that we are intrinsically connected both to our earth and the universe around us has always been the major point of the Laws of Attraction, and it seems even science is at last catching up with this knowledge. The Laws of Attraction may sound simple but actually practicing them is not so easy. The art of focusing ones mind and emotions on positive things, on what we want rather than what we don’t want has to be well rehearsed before it can be done without effort. We can all too easily fall back into complaining mode, focusing on the negative around us and therefore attracting more of it into our lives!

TAKING STOCK: So this said; the first thing we need to do is to take stock of our life. This is vital if we are to continue to move forward, even if we think we have it all figured out. Sometimes things change; we start to lose hold of the reigns and slip off course because of the many distractions and events that can preoccupy us. Regular contact with our inner mind is essential to keep in check our aims and ambitions, to tap into our purer thoughts and the unconditional love we should be feeling and giving out. Discarding bad habits and excess baggage that we have collected on the way is good housekeeping and helps us to work WITH the laws of attraction smoothly and without hitches.